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The 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships will take place Dec. 29-Jan. 7 in San Jose, California. Icenetwork will provide live and on-demand video for Season Pass subscribers.


VIEWER'S NOTE: Icenetwork will be blacked during those times when NBC is on the air Friday, Jan. 5, through Sunday, Jan. 7. (Click here for a broadcast schedule.) Video of the skaters not shown live on icenetwork will be available on-demand ONLY starting Tuesday, Jan. 9, at noon ET.


The Smucker's Skating Spectacular, which will take place Sunday, Jan. 7, at 9:15 p.m. ET, will be available on-demand ONLY starting Tuesday, Jan. 16, at noon ET.

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Scheduled (All Times Eastern)

12/29/2017 12:15pm Juvenile Girls Free Skate
12/29/2017 1:45pm Juvenile Boys Free Skate
12/29/2017 3:30pm Juvenile Pairs Free Skate
12/29/2017 6:00pm Intermediate Pairs Short Program
12/29/2017 7:45pm Intermediate Ladies Short Program
12/29/2017 9:30pm Intermediate Men's Short Program
12/30/2017 5:45pm Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
12/30/2017 7:45pm Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
12/30/2017 9:30pm Intermediate Men's Free Skate
12/30/2017 7:45pm Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
12/30/2017 5:45pm Intermediate Pairs Free Skate
12/31/2017 1:45pm Juvenile Pattern Dance
12/31/2017 10:00pm Junior Pairs Short Program
12/31/2017 11:55pm Junior Ladies Short Program
1/1/2018 12:30pm Intermediate Pattern Dance
1/1/2018 3:10pm Junior Men's Short Program
1/1/2018 5:15pm Juvenile Free Dance
1/1/2018 7:05pm Novice Pattern Dance
1/1/2018 9:45pm Novice Pairs Short Program
1/2/2018 11:50am Novice Ladies Short Program
1/2/2018 1:30pm Novice Men's Short Program
1/2/2018 3:10pm Intermediate Free Dance
1/2/2018 3:30pm Junior Pairs Free Skate
1/2/2018 6:00pm Novice Pairs Free Skate
1/2/2018 8:45pm Novice Free Dance
1/2/2018 10:50pm Junior Ladies Free Skate
1/3/2018 11:15am Novice Ladies Free Skate
1/3/2018 1:15pm Junior Men's Free Skate
1/3/2018 4:00pm Junior Short Dance
1/3/2018 6:15pm Novice Men's Free Skate
1/3/2018 9:30pm Senior Ladies Short Program
1/4/2018 1:00pm Junior Free Dance
1/4/2018 3:50pm Senior Pairs Short Program
1/4/2018 8:30pm Senior Men's Short Program
1/5/2018 4:10pm Senior Short Dance
1/5/2018 6:45pm Senior Ladies Free Skate (Group 1)
1/6/2018 2:45pm Senior Pairs Free Skate (Groups 1 & 2)
1/6/2018 6:45pm Senior Men's Free Skate (Group 1)

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