Five favorite things with Yasmin Siraj

Classical pianist loves Mean Girls, will never forget Courchevel, France

Yasmin Siraj likes a little Debussy while feasting on zereshk polo.
Yasmin Siraj likes a little Debussy while feasting on zereshk polo. (Getty Images)


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(07/02/2013) - Yasmin Siraj, 16, is the 2010 U.S. junior silver medalist, and she finished sixth at the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships as a senior. She has competed at both the Junior Grand Prix Final and the world junior championships.

Siraj trains at the Skating Club of Boston with Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson, who have been her coaches since she was young.

In addition to skating, Siraj is an accomplished classical pianist, having performed at Carnegie Hall. She recently cut her piano practice time in half, however, so she can put in more time on the ice. Her older sister, Layla, was also a competitive skater. What's your favorite place you've ever been?

Siraj: I'd have to say Courchevel, France. It was incredible being in the mountains, and I was with my family, so we got to spend some time exploring. What's your favorite home-cooked food?

Siraj: My mom is from Iran and my dad is from Saudi Arabia, and we eat lots of Persian food. My favorite is zereshk polo, which is rice with barberries. They're semi-tart, semi-sweet, and they're so good. Who is your favorite skater, past or present, and why?

Siraj: Michelle Kwan is my favorite. She brings so much joy to her skating and so much soul, you can see it in her eyes. Along with her incredible technical abilities, she's just the whole package. Who is your favorite composer?

Siraj: At the moment, I'm really liking Debussy, especially his piece "Fireworks." That's my favorite that I'm playing at the moment. And a close second is Bach's "Concerto in D minor." The Debussy is explosive and playful, and the Bach is more solemn. What's your favorite movie?

Siraj: My favorite movie would probably be Mean Girls. I don't know how many times I've watched that.