Cohen trades skates for socks with snappy idea

Two-time Olympian launches 'Snoxx Socks,' her unique sock line

Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen has found her new calling in entrepreneurial socks.
Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen has found her new calling in entrepreneurial socks. (courtesy of Snoxx)


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By Lois Elfman, special to
(04/18/2013) - This week marks the launch of Sasha Cohen's newest endeavor, Snoxx Snap Button Socks (, an idea born out of necessity.

When the 2006 U.S. ladies champion, Olympic silver medalist and three-time world medalist used to come back from touring, she'd realize none of her socks matched because she was forever losing them in the laundry.

"I thought, 'I need socks that stay together with snaps,'" Cohen said. "That was the birth of Snoxx as a concept."

Even when she's not on the road, she found socks kept going missing. After moving to New York in June 2011, Cohen met Scott Annan, who came up with a business plan, presentation, logo and patents. For the past year, they've worked on developing a prototype and now are prepared to take it to market.

For the next month, there is a Kickstarter campaign. People placing orders are helping fund the first production run. It is also possible to make additional contributions toward getting Snoxx off the ground. Cohen said the socks have a great fit and are extremely comfortable, with a padded bottom and mesh top.

Cohen, 28, is currently enrolled at the Columbia School of General Studies (Columbia University's college for students over 21 and non-traditional students) with an eye toward majoring in finance/economics, although that might change. She's had some great opportunities to investigate the financial community in New York and see where her future career may lie.

Although she spent time on the East Coast previously, Cohen lived much of her life in Los Angeles. When she decided to commit to going to college, New York seemed a natural fit. Cold weather doesn't faze her, and she has plenty of warm clothing from her years of competing.

"I love the pace of life in New York," said Cohen, who lives in SoHo. "I love the people, the possibility. I wanted to go to school in a big city. Columbia is a wonderful environment, both academically and also physically. The presence of the school and the whole architecture. The campus is a nice change from the city's hustle and bustle."

She's enjoying the intellectual demands of Columbia and is just finishing Contemporary Civilization, a part of the core curriculum. The year-long course starts with Plato and concludes with Freud and Woolf.

For a Southern California native who is accustomed to going everywhere by car, Cohen has embraced public transportation.

"I love the subway," she said. "I love not having to deal with traffic."

Another project with which Cohen has been involved is a line of Klingbeil skates that carry her name. She recently contributed a dozen pairs to Figure Skating in Harlem.

"We had back and forth to get the right kind of boot that we wanted," Cohen said.

There are three types of skates -- rental skates, skates suitable for a beginner and a line of skates for competitors just below a custom skate.

"Now we're working on packaging and design," she said. "Then, really gearing up for the fall."

Come July, Cohen will begin preparations for the skating season. She balances performing with school and still enjoys getting in front of an audience. This past year, she did a Disson Skating show, appeared on NBC's Today Show, shot a special for the Weather Channel and skated for a fashion video. From March through June, she skates less frequently.

When she's not putting in ice time, Cohen takes exercise classes and does yoga and Pilates, but her favorite workout involves appreciating the New York scenery.

"I love running outside, especially when it's a beautiful day," she said.

You can follow Cohen's adventures on Twitter @SashaCohenNYC