Five favorite things with Max Aaron

Newly crowned U.S. champion reveals secret meal, gets fashion advice from Chan

When not skating in his <i>Tron</i> costume, Aaron relates to Gotham's "dark knight."
When not skating in his Tron costume, Aaron relates to Gotham's "dark knight." (Getty Images)


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(03/04/2013) - Max Aaron, who turned 21 on Feb. 25, is the newly crowned U.S. champion. Aaron electrified the crowd in Omaha with his West Side Story program, packed with two quads and two triple Axels. He finished fourth at the 2013 Four Continents Championships and is one of the United States' two representatives at the world championships in London, Ontario, on March 10-17.

Aaron is from Arizona and trains with Tom Zakrajsek and Becky Calvin in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Aaron's first ice sport was hockey, which he played from the age of 3 until almost 17, when he broke his back. At that point, he decided to focus exclusively on figure skating, which he had started at 9.

Aaron's younger sister, Madeline, is the current U.S. junior pairs bronze medalist. His older sister, Molly, was also a pairs skater who competed at the U.S. championships three times. What's your favorite thing about being U.S. champion?

Aaron: That's a really hard question. I haven't thought about being U.S. champion yet because the season isn't over. I want to be sure I'm fully focused on my next event. What was your favorite thing about playing hockey?

Aaron: I just loved the team aspect, the family. We created so many memories and shared so many achievements, the highs and lows. I loved being part of it and getting to share the glory with the team when you get a big championship win, and not having it be just about yourself. What's your favorite movie?

Aaron: I really liked The Dark Knight Rises. I'm a big Batman fan, ever since I was young. I have a lot of pictures of me in a Batman cape when I was little. The movies are amazing. What's your favorite food?

Aaron: Meat. Any kind of meat. I like pulled pork, roasts, prime rib, filet mignon. The night before I compete, I usually have pasta with olive oil, avocados and grilled chicken; that's my secret. What was your favorite birthday present this year?

Aaron: I think it must be the suit I got that my parents helped me pay for. I was ecstatic because I needed a suit really badly. I got made fun of a lot for not wearing a suit. I was wearing Patrick [Chan]'s dress pants for the Four Continents banquet. He said to grab anything I needed. He has quite the style -- I usually go to him for fashion advice.