Five favorite things with Rachael Flatt

2010 Olympian professes love for her school, Harry Potter and Mediterranean food

Rachael Flatt is a card-carrying member of Cardinal Nation.
Rachael Flatt is a card-carrying member of Cardinal Nation. (Getty Images)


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(04/17/2013) - Rachael Flatt, 20, is a sophomore at Stanford University, majoring in biology and planning to become a doctor. She is the 2010 U.S. champion and a three-time U.S. silver medalist, and she finished seventh at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Flatt last competed in October 2012 at Skate America. She is concentrating on college at the moment, although she hasn't ruled out a return to competition. What's your favorite thing about Stanford?

Flatt: The people and my friends here. They are incredible in every sense. It feels like my second home. What's your favorite class so far?

Flatt: Procedural anatomy. We got to work with cadavers and really understand the anatomy of the head and neck. We actually got to dissect them. It was a little creepy, but going into medicine, I could appreciate that. We got to listen to professors and specialists from different fields. We had a sleep apnea specialist. It was all about issues from the neck up. You've had to take some time off from skating to deal with injuries. What did you miss the most?

Flatt: Just being able to go in and skate without inhibition and pain. And working on choreography, and feeling like the rink is home. The amount of time I've spent at the rink, I really miss that. And [I miss] working with Justin [Dillon] and Lynn [Smith] on a daily basis. What's your favorite book?

Flatt: There are so many different kinds I enjoy reading. I've always been a big Dan Brown fan, but I'm a Harry Potter fanatic -- everyone is at Stanford. I'm going to say Seabiscuit. It's very inspirational. It's a good read. What's the best thing on the Stanford menu?

Flatt: Our dining hall has Mediterranean days: They have falafel with hummus, and a pita pocket with tabouli with cucumbers and tomatoes, and it's so good. That's one of my favorite meals. I adore Mediterranean food.