Lynn and Logan's blog from Lake Placid

U.S. ice dancers take readers behind the scenes at premier summertime ice dancing competition

Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt are back competing at the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships.
Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt are back competing at the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships. (courtesy of Logan Giulietti-Schmitt)


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By Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt
(07/26/2012) - Reigning U.S. pewter medalists Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt are competing this week at the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships. They are keeping a daily journal for

Saturday, July 28

Got crepes with our friend Dr. Gina,
Before we had to go to the arena,
The perfect meal before we get on the ice
With happy bellies, we're ready to entice.

Warm-up went well and we're feeling strong,
Ready to portray Adele's passionate song,
There's never a competition where we don't skate first,
We used to think it was the worst.

It's become so regular, we actually prefer it,
Since there's less time for anxiety to hit,
But no matter what the nerves still kick in,
The announcer can't pronounce our names so she just stops at "Lynn."

Logan's butt is lookin' good in those pants,
We noticed some women taking a second glance,
Once our music started we were calm and ready,
Our knees soft and our edges steady.

Overall we were happy with our debut,
But now it's time to bid you adieu,
Before we leave this beautiful town,
We're going to take one last look around,
Stop off at the Creperie for a final smell,
We take a picture and say farewell.

Thursday, July 26

Today started off in an interesting fashion. We had an unofficial practice in the morning and knew the sessions would be crowded, but we didn't expect such a large spectrum of levels and sizes. Dances ranged from the Canasta Tango to the Yankee Polka and competitors' heights from 3' to 6'5". As attentive as we were trying to be, Logan missed seeing a team that barely came up to his hip height. Somehow avoiding disaster, we carried on with practice.

Surprisingly, no one else had any collisions either, and we all managed to come out alive and unscathed. What was even better was that we didn't hear "Call Me Maybe" once on the session.

After our practice, priority soon shifted to getting lunch. We've been to Lake Placid many times but have never eaten at the amazing Crepe Restaurant. We decided to take advantage of our free afternoon to experience what many have described as the most delectable brunch eatery. Though we had to resist our sweet tooth, there were 46 sandwich options that were just as hard to choose from. I think at one point, some drool may have appeared out of the corner of our mouths as we tried to make a decision. Our food was fantastic, and we decided that we may be going back in the morning for breakfast.

This is the first time that Lynn's parents haven't come to a competition, and we know they must be suffering some serious withdrawals. Hi, mom and dad, it's Lynn here. I'm eating enough, I'm sleeping enough, and I miss and love you, too. If I don't pick up my phone, I'm probably still alive, so don't panic. I'll call you back when I get a chance.

OK, now where were we? Oh right, we just ate our epic sandwiches. We were well nourished and feeling good going into the short dance. We were excited to show our fun and unique program to "Ring of Fire" and "I Can't Help Falling in Love." Who would have thought that you'd ever see Johnny Cash doing the Yankee Polka? Unfortunately, we didn't skate as well as we'd hoped, but we like to think that Lake Placid extracts all the kinks and jitters before our season begins.

After competition, we had a typical Lake Placid late night practice. Fortunately for us, we were in the first group and still had time to grab dinner. We felt bad for our fellow competitors who had later practices, but at least there's nothing early in the morning.

We're looking forward to the free dance on Friday because we have such a strong connection with this program. Adele's powerful music allows us to create a very emotional and passionate story.

It's late now, so we're off to get some much needed rest. Stay tuned for our infamous raps to come!

Wednesday, July 25

It seems that every time we go on a road trip together, we end up taking an unintentional detour. This time it was in Ohio, when we thought we had passed our exit but actually had 75 more miles to go and Logan just read the directions wrong. We really just like making U-turns at the toll booths. We hear being directionally challenged is a sign of high intelligence, but we could just be making things up.

We also found out that drinking lots of water and coffee is a bad idea when there's only a service plaza every 100 miles. Good for staying awake, but bad for the bladder. Fortunately, the rest of the car ride went smoothly, and we made it to Lake Placid late Tuesday night.

Last year was the first time in five years we didn't come, so we were pleasantly surprised to see the building renovations when we went to practice in the morning. Even though the exterior changed, the rink still felt the same and quickly brought back fond memories. It's hard to believe our first competition was here six years ago shortly after we became a team. We've come a long way from the open Starlight Waltz and Midnight Blues.

With reminiscent thoughts on our mind, we took the ice for our short dance practice. However, our excitement was interrupted when "Call Me Maybe" played on the sound system for the fourth time today. It seemed to play on almost every radio station repeatedly during the car ride here, but at least we could avoid it by changing stations. Logan's now humming it without realizing, and it is constantly stuck in our head. I think this song is going to haunt us in our sleep. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll have a new playlist for practice, or at least the announcer will skip to track two.