The Inside Edge: Hangin' with Mr. Miner

Ladwig says his son is 'monstrous;' Hubbell loving the altitude

The Shibutanis are back in the place where they trained from 2005-07.
The Shibutanis are back in the place where they trained from 2005-07. (Sarah S. Brannen)


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By Sarah S. Brannen and Drew Meekins, special to
(02/10/2012) - We sat with Ross Miner's dad, Ray, during the men's short program Thursday night -- he was calmer than many parents during his son's program, although he was pretty relieved after Ross skated clean.

Ray told us that there was no risk of a repeat of Ross's costume malfunction in San Jose, where the strap of his pants came undone early in his free skate.

"He's quadruple covered," Ray said. "Velcro, snaps ... the only problem is it takes him 20 minutes to get his pants on."

Miner joined us right after Daisuke Takahashi's program, which he watched.

"That footwork was ... OK," he deadpanned.

Miner was wearing a very sleek pair of black lululemon cargo/yoga pants. Drew particularly noticed them because he owns an identical pair. We went on to discuss our love for the pants, and how we wanted to buy several pairs.

Would that be weird?

"I have three pairs," Miner said.


We watched the U.S. pairs teams practice this morning, and they all looked fierce! We chatted with Mark Ladwig for a few minutes while he was waiting to go on and asked about his son Holden, now 2 1/2.

"He's monstrous," Ladwig said affectionately. "He's 38 inches tall. They say that their adult height will be twice their height at the age of 2, so he'll be about 6'4"."

Does he think Holden would have a great future as a pairs skater?

"He can be whatever he wants," Ladwig said.

On the other rink at the Ice Hall, Alissa Czisny was hard at work on a busy open freestyle session. She was drilling triple lutz-triple toe combinations, and landed some great ones.


Former ice dancer Tim McKernan was also watching the pairs practice. He had come in to watch the competition -- as we wrote a few weeks ago, he's a full-time student now, studying geology and planning to become a meteorologist.

Was it hard to watch the competition and not skate?

"Not at all," he said. "I got on the plane to come here, and I realized I totally forgot there was altitude. It used to be the first thing you thought about."

We asked about the forecast for the rest of the event, and McKernan said we could see some snow tomorrow.

Dance combinations

We saw Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani leaving the Ice Hall this morning and asked when they had arrived. Neither they nor Meryl Davis and Charlie White were at the U.S. dance practice we attended Thursday.

"We got in on Wednesday," Alex said. "But we took yesterday off."

In the lobby between the rinks, we spotted Jeremy Abbott talking to Massimo Scali. We asked Abbott how his hip was doing. He said it's an overuse injury, and that it wasn't feeling good after the U.S. championships.

"I was training, but [the hip] just wasn't happening," he said. "So I decided it would be best to rest it."

We stopped to chat for a moment with the lovely Davis before the dance practice this afternoon, and we got a good look at her beautiful free dance dress. She showed us the layers of color in the underskirt and the stiff scalloped edge of the skirt.

"I enjoy wearing it," Davis said.

Later, we asked Madison Hubbell how she was coping with the altitude.

"It's fantastic," Hubbell said. "I love it."

We had a great time at the ladies short program, and we're looking forward to the men's free skate tonight.

More tomorrow!

Sarah and Drew
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