Becker siblings rule intermediate ice dance

Brother, sister duo from WA FSC completes dance sweep

Gigi Becker and Luca Becker won both pattern dances and the free dance en route to gold.
Gigi Becker and Luca Becker won both pattern dances and the free dance en route to gold. (TSS Photography)


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By Julia Nagy, special to
(12/14/2011) - Michael Jackson's "Jam" and "Stranger in Moscow" played as Gigi Becker and Luca Becker skated across the ice during their program. The pair came in first place in the intermediate dance with a total score of 96.21 points at the U.S. Junior Championships.

"It was a fun program to skate," Luca said. "I got to point a lot and I got to dance to it -- that was fun."

Their dance contained sharp movements to the beats of the music. Luca glided across the ice in his black outfit, his arm outstretched, pointing and nodding to the judges.

The dance included synchronized twizzles, which the sister and brother team had been working on for a long time to properly execute. Gigi was especially excited about how they went.

"When you do something you've worked on for a really long time, it feels good," she said.

Coaches Dmytri Ilin and Alexei Kiliakov were impressed with the Beckers' skate.

"We're always asking them to perform full power," Kiliakov said. "We're very pleased. They did a very clean job."

For Julia Biechler and Alexander Petrov, who came in second with a score of 94.07 points, the twizzle element gave them some trouble, causing Petrov to slip. However, the mistake didn't phase him.

"I didn't really think about it," Petrov said.

Despite the slip, Petrov and Biechler finished strong. Their routine, performed to "Otonal" by Raul Di Blasio, was fun for the duo to perform.

"It's just all for fun," Biechler said. "We always like doing it."

Coach Oleg Petrov was pleased with the results.

"[The twizzle] is a really tricky element," Petrov said. "Overall, I'm happy with their skating."

Sammi Wren and Alexei Shchepetov came in third with a total score of 88.37 points. They performed their routine to the Pink Panther theme in blue and pink costumes.

"It was fun putting it together," Shchepetov said. "The whole season was fun. You show everything you've done for the season, and I believe we did exactly that."

Kimberly Berkovich and Micah Jaffe came in fourth with a total score of 86.30 points.