Five favorite things with Keegan Messing

19-year-old Alaskan loves his classic rock

Like any good Alaskan, Keegan Messing loves the outdoors.
Like any good Alaskan, Keegan Messing loves the outdoors. (Getty Images)


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(08/23/2011) - Keegan Messing, the dynamic 19-year-old from Alaska, doesn't like just sitting around. When he's not skating, he's enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, including skiing and fishing trips with his dad. His coach, Ralph Burghart, admits to getting a bit nervous about the skiing but wouldn't think of limiting his skater.

"I cannot tell him not to do something he loves to do. I only tell him, 'Don't be stupid. Don't do any 360s or 60-foot jumps.'"

Any favorite movies?

I have a lot of faves. I'd say A Knight's Tale, because Heath Ledger is incredible in it.

What about music?

I like a lot of classic rock music: Guns N' Roses, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Def Leppard.



Any special kind?


Are you a reader?

I love [Australian mystery and thriller writer] Matthew Reilly's books. He tells incredible stories. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't like to read much. They're non-stop action.

Any TV shows you enjoy?

I don't even watch television.

So you must have a little bit of time for other hobbies.

Typical Alaska stuff: dirt and mountain biking, skiing, camping and fishing.