Big things on the horizon for Brezina

Fourth-place finisher at 2011 worlds talks music choices, background

Michal Brezina says he will never forget competing in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
Michal Brezina says he will never forget competing in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. (Getty Images)


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By Vladislav Luchianov, special to
(07/05/2011) - For Czech skater Michal Brezina last season was likely one of the most difficult of his career. Because of the forced post-surgical recovery, he missed the better part of the first half of the 2010-11 competitive season.

Despite this, he performed at a high level at the European Championships in Bern where he finished eighth. His complete recovery was even more evident at the 2011 World Championships, where he finished just off the podium in fourth place. recently spoke with Brezina about his skating past, present and future..

Icenetwork: Michal, you are from the sports family and your father is a former figure skater. But in your childhood you was initially interested in hockey. How did you decide to become a figure skater and why?

Michal Brezina: I really wanted to play hockey after 1998 Olympics, and my dad brought me to the rink where he used to skate to teach me how to skate and I kinda liked it, so I stayed with skating.

Icenetwork: What was the most difficult aspect of learning the figure skating basics in your childhood?

Brezina: Well, it was hard from the beginning to learn the right technique in jumps, but my dad helped me a lot in that, so I can thank him that my jumps are so consistent.

Icenetwork: During the two consecutive years you were ranked fourth in the world championships. Also, you were in the top ten at the Olympics in Vancouver. Did you expect such good results when you just started your skating career?

Brezina: I didn't expected so high place at the Vancouver Olympics and 2010 worlds, but this year I really wanted to show that it wasn't just the luck.

Icenetwork: What competition was the most memorable for you and why?

Brezina: Well, now I have to say that it was the 2011 worlds but I will never forget the Olympics in Vancouver.

Icenetwork: Could you tell us about figure skating development in Czech Republic. Is it popular among young people?

Brezina: Skating is [a] known sport in Czech Republic. It's just not so popular as hockey or soccer. I think that people like to watch skating on TV in the Czech Republic.

Icenetwork: Your skating style evolves according to new trends. I mean high speed, new difficult elements, your own creativity. And what is your vision of modern skating?

Brezina: Well I think now skating is going the right way, just some of the technical rules are little crazy, but we actually can't do much with it.

Icenetwork: There is a lot of great music for the skaters. How do you choose yours? And what do you think about importance of the right musical choice in skating?

Brezina: Well, I'm never alone in finding my music. We mostly do that with my coach and my choreographer. I think music is the most important thing after the performance.

Icenetwork: Tell us, please about your new program.

Brezina: Well, I'm keeping my short program (Japanese Kodo Drums) and we are working on my new long program right now.

Icenetwork: What is next for Michal Brezina?

Brezina: Next is summer practice in Oberstdorf!