The Inside Edge with Sarah and Drew - Jan. 16

Elvis is in the building; Carriere out with injury

Elvis Stojko was on hand for U.S. Championships in Spokane.
Elvis Stojko was on hand for U.S. Championships in Spokane. (Sarah S. Brannen)


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By Sarah S. Brannen and Drew Meekins, special to
(01/16/2010) - Sarah Brannen and Drew Meekins share the latest dish from Spokane.

Falling objects
Backstage at the warm-up area, a Coke bottle fell down through the floor of the stands overhead and nearly bombarded some pairs skaters. Ameena Sheikh and Aaron Van Cleave were blase about it and actually seemed pretty relaxed, given how soon they were about to go on the ice.

Wherever they finish today, we so enjoy watching Tracy Tanovich and Michael Chau. Their Sleeping Beauty free skate is like a little ballet on ice.

We ran into Patti Weir last night before the men's event. Patti looked rather stunning and we love her fashionable glasses. We talked for a while about Johnny's upcoming documentary series, in particular the commercial for it. The commercial is going to be airing throughout the the men's event on TV tomorrow. We've seen it and it's absolutely fabulous. As you may know, yes, Johnny vamps in heels inside a Fabergé egg; he also sets a tree on fire with his hair.

We are embarrassed to say that we almost dropped our camera on Brian Orser's head in the hotel lobby this morning. He was very nice about it and we were both pleased that it is still working. We took a few pictures of him to test it. He was sitting with Adam Rippon's mother Kelly, presumably talking over Adam's lovely, lovely, short program, which we adored, mistake at the end or not.

We just heard that Stephen Carriere has withdrawn from the free skate, due to injury.

While we're at it, try to catch Jonathan Cassar's long program tomorrow. It won't be on TV, but you can watch it live on, and it truly is special. It's not only our favorite men's program of the year, it's our favorite men's program of the decade.

Elvis is in the building
Elvis Stojko walked by backstage just now; he's prepping for the Olympics, which he's going to be covering for Yahoo. He'll be doing articles and some video clips, and "I may even Tweet a bit," he said. He looks, well, quite distinguished these days, and very handsome.

We're staying at the Davenport Tower Hotel, which has a safari theme; at this very moment we are writing in the lobby with a palm tree brushing the top of our heads, and looking at a line of stained glass giraffes. Friezes of elephants march above the elevators. There's a lot of leopard-print here. Grr.

Our room is kind of kinky, not gonna lie. There are mirrors at the heads of the beds, more leopard print, a lot of black, and a shower big enough for four. Or five.

Olympic champion sightings: Three. Gymnastics all-around champ Nastia Liukin is here.

See you tomorrow,
Sarah and Drew
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