AT&T U.S. Championships video/audio archive


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(01/05/2010) - Check below for the archive of all video and audio features from the 2010 AT&T U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Team USA teleconferences
Monday, January 4
Jeremy Abbott
Alissa Czisny
Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker
Ashley Wagner

Wednesday, January 6
Ryan Bradley

Thursday, January 7
Rachael Flatt
Johnny Weir

Friday, January 8
Inside Figure Skating: Ryan Bradley

Tuesday, January 12
Inside Figure Skating: Tara Lipinski

Friday, January 15
Senior pairs short program press conference
Junior men's SP highlights

Saturday, January 16
Senior pairs short program highlight reel
Olympic pairs press conference

Sunday, January 17
AT&T Ice Desk: Naomi Nari Nam
AT&T Ice Desk: Jeremy Abbott
AT&T Ice Desk: David Kirby
AT&T Ice Desk: Johnny Weir

Sunday, January 17
Senior pairs free skate press conference
Senior men's free skate press conference
AT&T Ice Desk: Yuka Sato
AT&T Ice Desk: Todd Eldredge
AT&T Ice Desk: Brian Orser
Senior pairs free skate highlights

Monday, January 18
AT&T Ice Desk: Elvis Stojko
AT&T Ice Desk: Scott Hamilton
AT&T Ice Desk: Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig
Junior pairs short program highlights

Tuesday, January 19
AT&T Ice Desk: Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett
AT&T Ice Desk: Nastia Liukin
Senior men's free skate highlights

Thursday, January 21
Sasha Cohen's short program
Sasha Cohen's short program practice

Friday, January 22
Inside Edge video blog
AT&T Ice Desk: Dick Button
AT&T Ice Desk: Patricia St. Peter
Sasha Cohen interview
AT&T Ice Desk: Rachael Flatt
AT&T Ice Desk: Mirai Nagasu
Ladies short program press conference
Cohen free skate practice
Senior ladies free skate practice
Fan Fest in downtown Spokane
AT&T Ice Desk: Robert Turk
Carruthers: You be the judge
Senior ladies short program highlights

Saturday, January 23
AT&T Ice Desk: Jenni Meno & Todd Sand
AT&T Ice Desk: Sarah Hughes
AT&T Ice Desk: Danvi Pham and Vu Pham
Senior OD highlights
Senior OD press conference
AT&T Ice Desk: Kimberly Navarro and Brent Bommentre
AT&T Ice Desk: Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates
AT&T Ice Desk: Meryl Davis and Charlie White
AT&T Ice Desk: Phil Hersh
AT&T Ice Desk: Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto
Olympic ice dance press conference
Olympic ladies press conference
Olympic team from U.S. Champs
Ladies FS press conference
AT&T Ice Desk: Belbin and Agosto
AT&T Ice Desk: Davis and White
AT&T Ice Desk: Dorothy Hamill
AT&T Ice Desk: Kristi Yamaguchi
AT&T Ice Desk: Michael Weiss
AT&T Ice Desk: Peggy Fleming