Q & A with Ben Agosto

U.S. ice dance champion talks about his summer

Ben Agosto talks to some of his teammates while in Colorado Springs.
Ben Agosto talks to some of his teammates while in Colorado Springs. (Mickey Brown)


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By Todd Hinckley
(06/16/2008) - sat down with Ben Agosto at U.S. Figure Skating's Champs Camp to talk about his summer, his move, the history of Pennsylvania and the upcoming season.

ICE: How has your summer been so far?
Ben Agosto: So far the summer has been excellent. It's been exciting; it's been refreshing. It's been difficult. You know, I just moved from Detroit to Philadelphia, so it's been a big change, but it's been everything I hoped it would be. I've really really enjoyed it.

ICE: Have you gotten any time off?
BA: I had a little vacation actually. It worked out nicely, because we started training for about three weeks and then were able to take our vacation because we already had it planned for a long time. I took a vacation, and during that time, I moved all my stuff and got settled in. Now I'm ready; I'm ready to start training and really start hitting it hard.

ICE: What are the biggest differences between Pennsylvania and Michigan?
BA: Between Pennsylvania and Michigan, the biggest difference, I would say, is history. It's unbelievable -- all the historical significance that Pennsylvania has, especially the Philadelphia area. When I was looking for a house to rent, I had a realtor that was driving me around, and she happened to be the chair of the historical society, and she would just tell me all these amazing things, like 'Oh, right there is where George Washington took his troops. They retreated from this battle, and they went to go defend the capital.' And, 'Right here is one of the largest British encampments during the Revolutionary War.' It's really amazing. My girlfriend and I were driving around downtown, we were kind of lost, and all of a sudden there was Independence Hall. So, it's very cool. I've never lived in a city where there was that much history. In Michigan, everything's not that old.

ICE: How is the training going this year? How many of the new programs have you worked on?
BA: None at all. Right now, we're spending a lot of time -- we're trying to learn a lot of new technique. We are working on compulsories a lot, and we're listening to music. So, we haven't made our decisions yet. We haven't found music for our programs yet or started that specifically, but we have a lot of work to do. I feel like there's a learning curve with a lot of the new technique that we're trying to learn. So, it's very exciting, and it's a lot of fun, and it's hard work, but I'm enjoying it.

ICE: So the costumes are a step that you haven't gotten to yet?
BA: Yeah, that's still the next step. It's over the next couple dunes, you know.

ICE: When you get to that, do you want to do something along the lines of last year with the hat? Did you like doing that? Was it fun?
BA: You know the prop was a lot of fun to skate with. It was so different, and that alone I enjoyed. Maybe, you don't do it every year, but if we have the opportunity to do something unique and different like we did last year, we definitely want to take advantage of those opportunities.

ICE: What are your goals this year?
BA: This year, we really just want to show a new Tanith and Ben. You know, we want to show that we've made this change, and we've really put in a lot of hard work. We're working on all our skating technique, and we want to just come out and show that we're stronger, and we're faster, and we're better and we're rejuvenated. You know, we've got a new outlook and a new burst of energy, and we're really excited.