Up close with Tanith Belbin

Tanith talks Paris, Pennsylvania and her new training regimine

Tanith Belbin and Evan Lysacek shot an interview with that will air later this week.
Tanith Belbin and Evan Lysacek shot an interview with that will air later this week. (Mickey Brown)


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By Todd Hinckley
(06/15/2008) - spoke with Tanith Belbin about her summer plans, Paris vacation and the big move to Pennsylvania.

ICE: How has your summer been so far?

TB: Very good! I haven't been back from vacation for more than two weeks, so I am sort of still in that happy mindset.

ICE: Where did you go on vacation?

TB: I went to Paris, and then I went to California for a week.

ICE: So you haven't really gotten a chance to settle in Pennsylvania yet?

TB: A little bit. We were there for about three weeks before I went on vacation, and it's been two weeks since we've been home from vacation.

ICE: What's been the biggest difference between training in Pennsylvania compared to Michigan so far?

TB: Well, as far as the skating goes, the coaching technique is incredibly different. So, we have really been going back to the basics to learn our new skating technique from the ground up. The atmosphere is sort of what we are used too -- a lot of high-level teams -- so it keeps us competitive. As far as the area goes, it is just a really pretty place. Detroit offered us a lot, and we will always consider it home, but it wasn't necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing place. Pennsylania is very pretty, and I know that Ben loves having his house and the garden for the his dogs to run around in. There are definite benefits to living there. We are in Aston, but I am living closer to the border of Delaware. A lot of figure skaters from the University of Delaware, which is sort of a hot bed of training, have come over there, so there is a strong sense of skating community in the area.

ICE: Have you picked music or costumes for your new programs yet?

TB: Things are on a little bit of a later time frame than what we are used to, because we have been working so long on our skating technique. Our coaches asked us to please give them our patience and not be frustrated that we are doing five hours of stroking a day and not jumping right into choreography. Hopefully, it will make our choreography go quicker when we move on to that, because our skill level will be higher. As far as where we are right now, we are still sort of conceptualizing the program, but they are coming together.

ICE: Normally, would you already have picked your music and worked on choreography at this point?

TB: Typically, in the past two years we would have already been working on choreography.

ICE: What do you think -- props, or no props this year?

TB: I haven't really read up on all the rules yet; they keep changing them. Until they nail down what all the rules are, I am not going to bother reading any of them!