Johnny Weir about the 2008-09 season, Oksana Baiul sightings in Secaucus, N.J., and what music he is skating too next season." />


Q and A with Johnny Weir

Johnny talks about new music, his TV show, and the paparazzi

Johnny took a self-portrait during the interview.
Johnny took a self-portrait during the interview. (Johnny Weir)


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By Linda Przygodski
(06/14/2008) - sat down with Johnny Weir about the 2008-09 season, Oksana Baiul sightings in Secaucus, N.J., and what music he has chosen for next season.

ICE: Have you gotten down to picking your costumes and music for next season yet? What is the time line with how you guys go through that process?

JW: We picked music for the short and the long. The short I can tell you. It is by Saint-Preux -- I won't tell you the name yet, because he has a lot of pieces. But, it is by Saint-Preux, and I started designing costumes. I don't think we are going to work with anyone else; I am going to design them. I am in the choreography stage, but for the free program, it's hard because we don't have the official rules yet. So, to cut music and make the program exactly how it is going to be, we can't do that because we don't have the rules yet.

ICE: When you saw that the ISU was going to add points for the quad, did that make you confident about putting it in this year's programs, or after Jeffrey Buttle won without it -- did that make you second guess putting it in at all?

JW: I think a lot of people actually go for the quad now because there are more points, but you have to land it to get the points. So, if it is good enough to put in, and I can land it -- which the majority of them I can, they have been good -- then I have no problem doing it. We jumped over a big hurdle last year, putting it in at worlds and nationals, so I am ready to do whatever.

ICE: You're designing your own costumes. What happens after they are designed? What's the next step?

JW: There is this woman named Stephanie Handler in the city [New York]. She has sewn my costumes since I was little. In the beginning she designed them, but then I started to design my own ... I design them, and I take the design, and I sit down with Galina [Zmievskaya] and Stephanie and we see how they can actually work on the human body, because sometimes I will draw one of those giant fruit hats coming off someone's shoulder, and you have to figure out how to put that on a body. So, that's how that process works, and then we go through just the body suit, and then adding the pieces to the top and the glitter and this and that. It's a long process getting into the costumes.

ICE: I happened to be at the Gucci outlet in Secaucus, and I ran into Oksana Baiul. Is this a secret shopping place for luxury goods for skaters?

JW: I actually have never been to those, but I do know that they are there. They have an Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci -- no I have never gone. I did have a paparazzi last week. I was in Jeffrey's; I needed bathing suits -- I got really cute bathing suits, I am going to the Cayman Islands on vacation with my brother -- anyway, I was getting bathing suits, and I came out, and there was this guy with a camera. It was very weird.

ICE: Are you sure it was paparazzi and not a stalker?

JW: No, not a stalker, because I had never seen this guy before. Usually my stalkers point themselves out to me. The few that I have had.

ICE: Tell me about your TV show Black Swan Rising.

JW: It's going to be a movie for sure; I have seen some rough cuts. It is going to be very simple and just sort of show the shell of my world that the TV show -- which will hopefully get put on after the documentary -- it will be really in-depth, like me going to Russia, me walking down my first red carpet. It will show more of what my real life is like. The documentary is more of an overview of who Johnny Weir really is outside of our little world.

Stay tuned to for the debut of Johnny TV -- his first episode, "Illusion Mesh Fabric," delves into figure skating fashion do's and don't's with Tanith Belbin, Brooke Castile, Meryl Davis and Kimberly Navarro.