Dartmouth wins intercollegiate championships

Dartmouth grabs fifth consecutive intercollegiate victory

Dartmouth celebrates their victory in 2007.
Dartmouth celebrates their victory in 2007. (USFS)


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By Hilary Dauffenbach-Tabb, Joanna Sholten, Jen Cleary, special to
(04/07/2008) - The 2008 US Intercollegiate Championships took place April 5-6, with ten teams from across the country competing at the event hosted by the University of Michigan.

Skaters had to be full time students, and compete at intercollegiate competitions around their section in order to earn a spot at this event. Qualifying competitions included the Hoosier Challenge, Colorado College Tiger Challenge, and the Boston University Conference competition, amongst others. At intercollegiate competitions, skaters compete in short program, free skating, dance, and team maneuver events to earn points for their school, which help them to qualify for nationals.

Participating schools at the U.S. intercollegiate national event include the University of California Berkeley, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Denver from the west coast. From the Midwest: the University of Michigan, Indiana University and Miami University qualified to compete. The east coast had four representatives: Boston University, Cornell University, the University of Delaware, and the winner of the event, Dartmouth College with 91 total points.

This was Dartmouth College's fifth consecutive intercollegiate victory. While they were a small team, with only 13 skaters, they were able to perform well in all events they participated in and take home the competition trophy. There was intense competition between the teams vying for the second and third place title, only a two-point spread separated the second and third place teams with 75 and 73 points respectively.

The event was filled with school spirit as skaters were decked out in university apparel all weekend. It was not uncommon to hear a group of fans break out into a schools fight song during warm-up, or see posters and banners around the rink with supportive messages for teammates.