Sarah and Drew bid adieu

Evan and Johnny hug, as Mickey Brown tries to catch the moment.
Evan and Johnny hug, as Mickey Brown tries to catch the moment. (Sarah Brannen)


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By Sarah Brannen and Drew Meekins
(01/27/2008) - We're sad because we won't be sitting at the giant table commandeered in the media center with Sarah and Drew, hearing all the dish from around the rink (some that was fit to print, and some that was not).

Here's the last championship blog from our intrepid 'gossipteers', Sarah and Drew.


It's the end of crazy week. We had a fantastic time blogging, gossiping, and of course watching the superb skating. We really hope you enjoyed it! Here are a few leftover tidbits from an unforgettable week at U.S. Championships.


After the men's final on Sunday the crowd was left stunned and a little bit confused. Fans started jeering and cheering at the same time. "We want a skate-off!" several fans yelled. Another fan suggested a quad competition to settle the tie: "First one to land a quad Lutz wins."

One fan wanted to see if it could be decided by a wrestling match. (We think we'll take Evan on that one).

"A fashion show walk-off," said another. (Hmmm, now we'll take Johnny on that). But no matter what the official tie-breaker is, ALL of the men, and all the fans, should be very happy. It was a fabulous day of figure skating!

...for now

Once we get home, Sarah will be back to writing and photography, and Drew will be back to skating and lifting up little girls until he finds "the one"! Look for something more from us on soon, and take care.