Ask Nancy - Nov. 27

Nancy Kerrigan answers your questions!

Mia: The American Girl doll of the year.
Mia: The American Girl doll of the year. (American Girl Place)


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(11/27/2007) - Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist and 1993 U.S. champion Nancy Kerrigan answers your questions!

Vicky: How did it feel to win the Olympics twice, and what were you thinking as you did your two Olympic winning programs?

NK: To begin with, I actually won a bronze medal in 1992, and a silver medal in 1994. Being at the Olympics, no matter how you do in the competition, is a huge honor and something I will always be proud of. Representing your country is an awesome feeling. It is hard to compare the two Olympics. They were such different experiences. In '92 I didn't expect to win a medal, and in '94 I wasn't sure I was even going to be able to compete. In both cases though I made sure that I took in the moment as you never know if you will have another opportunity like that. Thanks for asking.

Lexi: I'm reading Nancy Kerrigan: In My Own Words and you really inspired me to be a figure skater. I'm only nine and I love figure skating. I live in the Adirondacks in N.Y., and there are no figure skating rinks. I was going to ask the Mayor if we could build one in Mayfield, which is where I live.

NK: Hope you are enjoying the book. As for the rink, you should absolutely talk to the Mayor. All he can say is "no". Skating rinks provide a lot of benefits to towns from figure skating to hockey to public skating. The rink also acts as a social focal point for people of all ages. I would go for it.

Pam: I am an adult bronze skater at age 60, who started at age 56. I have ultima blades and I am considering the parabolics. Will I have trouble going from an 8-inch rocker to a 7-inch rocker?

NK: It is hard for me to answer this question. I have used the same type of blade -- Pattern 99 -- my whole life. I imagine that any change will require an adjustment. The best guy I know to discuss this with is Jonathan English who handles my skates. You can reach him through Sharper Edge Skates.

Emily: With age restrictions causing some senior national skaters (such as Caroline Zhang and Mirai Nagasu) to skate as juniors internationally, what does this mean when it comes to cutting a 'senior' four minute free skate down to a three-and-a-half minute junior free skate? What is required in a senior program that can be 'chopped out' for junior competition? And, in your opinion, is it easier to start afresh with a new piece of music, or to keep the existing music and just edit off 30 seconds from the beginning/middle/end?

NK: This really depends on the music but in most cases that I am aware of, skaters in this position have two different programs: one for the senior competition and one for junior. I would certainly prefer it that way. As you move up in levels it is best to just pick new music so you can tailor your programs accordingly.

Lisa: How do you feel about adult competitive figure skating? Thank you in advance!

NK:I think it is great. Figure skating is a sport for a lifetime so why not have these competitions! They do in other sports, and I think it helps to keep people involved in the sport.

Sue: I saw a number of good skaters who jump with a "wrapped foot". Is that allowed by the USFSA and ISU?

NK: That's right. Some skaters do use a wrapped foot and win with it. The only one I have seen who did it with any consistency was Midori Ito. I am not a big fan of this position because I don't think it looks good, nor do I think it is a correct position.