American Gregory injured in terrible fall

U.S. ice dancer falls in last minute of warm-up at Skate Canada

U.S. ice dancer Melissa Gregory was injured in a fall during warm-ups on Sunday.
U.S. ice dancer Melissa Gregory was injured in a fall during warm-ups on Sunday. (Getty Images)


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By Laurie Nealin / special to
(11/04/2007) - U.S. ice dancer Melissa Gregory was transported to L'Enfant-Jesus Hospital on Sunday afternoon after taking a terrible fall in the last minute of the warm-up for the ice dancing final at Skate Canada International in Quebec City.

Gregory and her partner Denis Petukhov were executing a rotational lift when they lost their grip and she flew into the air landing hard on the side of her head, shoulder and hip.

Their coach Priscilla Hill watched in tears as a medical staff transferred Gregory onto an immobilizer backboard. Petukhov was at her side the whole time. After some 15 minutes had elapsed, Gregory was loaded into an ambulance and transported to L'Enfant-Jesus Hospital, a well-known trauma center for assessment. She was accompanied by Petukhov, U.S. skating official Kathy Casey, and the event's chief medical officer Dr. Pierre Fremont.

According to an official statement, Dr. Fremont said Gregory's vital signs are stable and that she is alert.

Although it initially appeared to observers at the scene and in video replay that Gregory hit her head, the statement said she fell on her chest.

Gregory had a CT scan at the hospital, and it was clear. She will be released later on Sunday.

The competition resumed after the delay, and Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the gold. Gregory and Petukhov had been fourth heading into the final.