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Nancy Kerrigan answers your questions!

Nancy Kerrigan at the "Blades of Glory" premiere.
Nancy Kerrigan at the "Blades of Glory" premiere. (Wire Image)


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(10/22/2007) - Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist and 1993 US Champion Nancy Kerrigan answers your questions!

Mark: The media was more than harsh on you post 1994 free program. How do you think history has portrayed you and in particular your skating demeanor vs. Oksana Baiul? In addition, do you think you were a victim of a voting block? In light of the scandal of the 2002 Olympics and your placement, what efforts can you do to curb such acts of vote (points) swapping to make sure that a particular skater places in a certain position?

NK: We have seen a lot of changes in the judging process in skating as a result of the various situations that have faced the sport over the past 15 years or so. I think anytime we can take steps to correct problems, we are moving in the right direction. As for me, I look back on the 1994 Olympics with pride in the fact that I was able to come back from the bizarre events of that year and not only compete but win my second Olympic medal while representing my country. The Olympics will always standout as one of the high points of my life and career. I am also glad to see that Oksana is rebuilding her career. I skated with her recently at Frosted Pink and she looked good.

Skating MOM: What an honor. Can you tell me when an 8-year-old having landed her Axel and almost consistent double Salchow should switch from ISI to U.S. Figure Skating? Her ISI coach doesn't want to let her make the switch. Thanks.

NK: Without having seen your daughter skate, if she is truly ready to become very serious about her skating and start to compete within the programs that ultimately lead to the US National Championships and beyond, I would think that she will need to make the switch to the U.S. Figure Skating pretty soon. Having said that, I would never want to undermine her coach so there must be a good reason that her coach does not want her to switch at this time. The bottom line is that eventually, to be considered a serious competitive skater, one has to compete in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events. So I would say make the switch when you all agree that she is ready. There is no need to go too soon however because competing at higher levels brings on a new set of issues and if you are not ready for them, there can be some adjustments that can be difficult. Hope this is helpful.

Sharlene Rogers: I really enjoyed watching you skate on the Frosted Pink show on Lifetime. What other gigs do you have coming up where we can see you on the ice?

NK: Glad you enjoyed Frosted Pink. I have a few more shows scheduled for this year. Halloween on Ice airs on NBC on October 27. After that, I will be in Houston performing at the Galleria Mall on November 10. Kristi Yamaguchi Friends & Family airs on Thanksgiving weekend and then in December, I will be touring for a week in Texas with Broadway on Ice. The best way to follow my schedule is to go to Star Games, Inc. where all my activities are listed. Hope you are able to watch and/or attend.

Ryan Smithson: Do you still keep track of the up and coming young skaters? Who do you feel are the stand outs for the 2010 Olympics? Thank you!

NK: Keeping up with the young skaters is tough, but I think that is one of the really great things about Ice Network. We will be featuring a number of them in our upcoming shows. So, in order to be prepared, I am following the younger skaters as often as possible! It is hard to say who the real contenders in 2010 will be at this stage as that is still a long way away. The Japanese are setting the bar pretty high at the moment but there are some great U.S. skaters as well, so we will have to watch over the next 12 months or so before we can really be in a position to make a guess about the 2010 Olympics. Stay tuned to Ice Network though. We will give you all the scoop when we can.

Liz: When is the next time we will see you on television working as a broadcaster for a skating event? You are so great! It's nice to see you on the tube!

NK: Thanks for your kind words. I try to make my commentary a little different to give the viewer some real insights into what is going on out on the ice. As for my broadcast schedule, we will be at Skate America on the weekend of October 26-28 for Ice Network and Nancy Kerrigan's World of Skating starts its third season on CN8 on November 17. Hope you get a chance to watch.

Jenna Myers: I was just curious, when you were skating what was the process you went through in picking out costumes and music? That seems to be an integral part of skating?

NK: There is no doubt that music and costumes are an important element in skating. When I was competing, my coach, Mary Scotvold, really took care of a lot of that (although it is all a collaborative effort) but as a professional, I have come to really like listening to music for my numbers. I also really enjoy working with the designers to come up with the outfits. There is no real rule on the music. I might hear music at a movie that I like or get inspired by a particular show theme like I did with Frosted Pink. On the costume side, I am now working with Maria McGill at Designs to Shine where we try to create outfits that enhance the musical selection. We are also starting to work on a new line of skating clothes together which should be fun. I try to skate to music that I like. If I like the music, the rest (choreography and costuming) usually follows more easily.

Carrie: Do you have your own website where fans can keep track of your upcoming activities? Let us know!

NK: The best place to keep track of my schedule and other activities is at Star Games, Inc. . There is a whole area there which posts pictures, articles, my schedule, etc. NK

Gary in Indiana: What was it like appearing in the movie Blades of Glory? Did you enjoy the experience of being on a movie set? Do you think acting is something you might like to get into at some point?

NK: Blades of Glory was really fun to be a part of. Will Ferrell was very gracious and made all the skaters feel welcome. Being on the set though is not all it is cracked up to be. We were there for at least 12 hours and if you saw the movie, you know that is just a bit longer than I was in it! I have had the opportunity to act on a few other occasions and I like it so I will do more if I have the chance. I really want to be on Guiding Light!

Arianna: You are such a great show-person, have you ever thought about doing any kind of musical theatre? Can you sing?

NK: One of the greatest experiences I have had in skating was performing Footloose on Ice in a theatrical setting. We started the show in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and eventually had a two week run at the Schubert Theater in Boston. It would be great to do another similar production. Skating has given me many opportunities including to sing and it has all been quite fun and exciting. I hope to do some more in the future. It would be a thrill and an honor to have the chance to perform on stage without skates!

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