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Donovan: 2018 Four Continents fashion awards

Team USA's Kayne, O'Shea tabbed with pairs gold; Uno earns silver medal
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Tarah Kayne and Danny O'Shea earned high praise for the free skate costumes they showcased at the 2018 Four Continents Championships. -Getty Images

The 2018 Four Continents Championships were a secret blessing for me, with so much talent and costuming gloriousness that eluded me during the Grand Prix season. Who knew that by cutting out the Russians, figure skating would make room for people with taste? Seriously, I was blown away by the collective costuming in this competition more than in any other this season, and while I didn't find a single look worthy of a Weir award, I'm willing to take suggestions! Well done, Four Continents. Y'all are in for a treat!


GOLD -- Thita Lamsam (FS)

I honestly don't know if there are words for how gorgeous this is. It legitimately looks like she's wearing a couture dress straight off the runway of Naeem Khan, Elie Saab or Ralph Rucci, just to name a few. Figure skating costumes can occasionally get distressingly athletic-looking, trading in fashion for function -- and a lot of unresolved mesh. I love the layers in her skirt, and the intricacy and 360-degree flow of the design of her bodice. Thita may have placed last, but this costume's immaculate (seriously, immaculate) attention to detail landed her way above everyone else in my book.

SILVER -- Starr Andrews (SP)

Initially, I had Starr as my gold medalist going in since this costume is such a moment on the ice and works perfectly with her program. As was the case at the U.S. championships, however, someone had to come out with something that looked like straight up couture to nab the top prize away from her. Alas, I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more of her in the future.

BRONZE -- Alicia Pineault (SP)

My greatest fear for figure skating is that once Ashley Wagner retires, a lot of the sass-itude will go with her -- but skaters like Starr and Alicia give me hope. A figure skater willing to go full-tilt Amy Winehouse -- wearing a backless, mock-moto jacket dress and an irrepressible smirk -- is a figure skater I want to see on a consistent basis. I'm not even mad that it looks like she outlined her lapels with glitter glue.

HONORABLE MENTION -- Kaori Sakamoto (FS)

A sweet little Amélie dress with a monochromatic textural overload would normally be the key to my heart, but in contrast to the above girls, the Four Continents champion looks oddly plain. Still, this is completely gorgeous.


GOLD -- Donovan Carrillo (SP)

There was (as there always is) decidedly less to choose from on the men's side, but a couple of combatants truly brought it, and no one brought it harder than Carrillo. Again, it seems crazy to me that there aren't more sequined pinstripes in men's figure skating. I love that he even took the time to bedazzle his shirt collar and style his hair in a perfect '40s coif. Well done, Donovan.

SILVER -- Shoma Uno (SP)

Sparkly, fluttery, gorgeous top; complete afterthought on bottom. I'm going to need men's figure skating to really start resolving its problem with lazy bottoms, because with a more coordinated lower half, this would be utterly sensational.

BRONZE -- Sihyeong Lee (FS)

I really had to dig to find anything else inspiring in the men's lineup, but I was happy to find said inspiration in Sihyeong. The color and detailing are unique and captivating, and the leg straps are different but not over-done. It does get a little overworked around the wrists, but overall, a solid, unique look.


GOLD -- Tarah Kayne & Danny O'Shea (FS)

My grandmother's favorites take another sartorial gold with their ever-chic Swan Lake ensembles. I think it bears repeating just how astounding the level of detail on both of their costumes is, but I find Danny's particularly fascinating, with its front cut-out and feather shoulder detail.

SILVER -- Ashley Cain & Timothy LeDuc (FS)

Whereas Kayne and O'Shea thrive on organic lines in their costuming, this pair makes hyper-symmetry, in the form of program-appropriate art deco, look absolutely stunning. I do wish LeDuc were wearing navy to help highlight the brassy gold of Cain's costume, but these are minor quibbles. They look ravishing.

BRONZE -- Tae Ok Ryom & Ju Sik Kim (SP)

A brilliant cacophony of monochromatic textures is, as I've mentioned before, the way to my heart (especially if said cacophony also appeals to my inner magpie by way of sequins and rhinestones). Ryom and Kim manage that nicely with this well-coordinated set of costumes.


GOLD -- Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker (FD)

You know, I may just be coming around to Hawayek's slight costume adjustment. It does, after all, pair much better with Baker's costume, and it helps define a lot of the movements she does with her legs. They just look like the perfectly chic ice royalty that they are, and that delights me.

SILVER -- Carolane Soucisse & Shane Firus (SD & FD)

These two nearly stole their spot at the top with two perfectly coordinated ensembles. In the short program, they look chic, current and totally pop-star perfect, whereas in the free, they could show up to the Oscars and no one would bat an eye. My favorite of the four looks overall is Carolane's striking short-program look, but I will be stealing Shane's short program jacket -- possibly the most I have ever wanted a piece of figure skating couture. Shane, hit ya girl up.

BRONZE -- Rachel Parsons & Michael Parsons (SD)

I'm really into how sleek, sophisticated and modern this take on rumba is -- similar to the approach Soucisse and Firus had. What sets the Parsons siblings apart, however, is this fascinating '90s-grunge vibe that comes through in the spare slouchiness of their costumes. Plus, I again will need Michael to surrender his glitter-embellished sweater to me.