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Donovan: European championships fashion awards

Papadakis, Cizeron shine once again; Kostner receives special recognition
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Sam Donovan has lavished praise on Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron for their fashion choices all season, and he did so again for the skaters' short dance looks at the 2018 European Championships. -Getty Images

The European championships are an interesting battle for me: No one really looks heinous, but everyone tends to look slightly the same. That fact has forced me to look in a place I so often frequent; let's all say this in unison: Thank you, France. (Seriously, if there is a stereotype the actually holds water, it's that the French are chic as heck.)


GOLD - Pernille Sørensen (FS)

In an answer to the question "Why is there not more bedazzled leather and faux fur in figure skating?" we have a Miss Pernille Sørensen. I don't know why I should have to explain why this merits a gold medal, but I suppose I do have an image to uphold, so here goes: She looks like an immortal, dark-sided, circa-1994 Oksana Baiul come to haunt Nancy Kerrigan for eternity (which makes the gold medal all the more appropriate).

SILVER - Maé-Bérénice Méité (SP)

I still wish this were full coverage (Maé-Bérénice, if you're reading, let's have a coffee date and break out the bedazzler), but what is there is so stunning and sparkly, I will yet again look past that.

BRONZE - Ivett Tóth (SP)

I like to think of this as Ivett's tribute to Tonya Harding (Why not? Her free skate was a tribute to Debi Thomas and Katarina Witt's "Battle of the Carmens"…in that she skated to Carmen), and I love that she dressed to match, like, a biker who got kicked out of the skating arena.


Y'all, I just need to talk about Carolina Kostner before we transition from the podium to the Weir Award, because she transcends both of them in this lime green reptilian disco catsuit. Honestly, she transcends words, so please just look upon this for a full five seconds with splendor.

WEIR AWARD - Fruzsina Medgyesi (SP)

I was initially going to give this to Natasha McKay for effectively recreating a look worn by Alyssa Edwards on RuPaul's Drag Race that was deemed the worst outfit in the history of the show -- but then I coined the term "chartreuse goose" to refer to Fruzsina's ensemble, and there was no other way to go. Enjoy.


GOLD - Moris Kvitelashvili (SP)

I love this English nobility hipster get-up that Moris is rocking, and I love that he punctuated his short program by goofily sticking his tongue out. This is a really bizarre way of saying that the men's field was so full of gauzy T-shirts that a mandarin collar and an exposed tongue are good enough for an easy gold. He was basically the Gabriella and Guillaume of European men's figure skating fashion.

SILVER - Michal Březina (FS)

Mark my words: I will steal this sweatshirt from Březina. Sheer, slouchy, sequinned -- it's the Brooklyn hipster to match Moris' Shoreditch hipster. This is hardcore fashionista fashion, applied to figure skating, and I love it.

BRONZE - Deniss Vasiļjevs (SP)

I do love a period look, but one garnished with a mystical-looking ruby broach atop a ruff a la Interview with the Vampire? Yes, please.

WEIR AWARD - Paul Fentz (FS)

I refuse to believe this was not bought at Ich Party, which I presume is the German branch of the iParty franchise.


GOLD - Vanessa James & Morgan Ciprès (SP)

I could go on and on about the perfection of their free skate looks again, but considering they took first in the short, I want to commend their vibrant, electric-blue-infused looks here. They seem more sparkly and polished than usual; James' hair looks particularly on point. I genuinely appreciate that Ciprès seems willing to take risks with his costuming as a male: A jacket with sheer sleeves sounds terrible on paper, but it looks excellent on him.

SILVER - Annika Hocke & Ruben Blommaert (SP)

I am obsessed with high, beaded collars this season, so I can overlook Hocke's fringed skirt (a faux pas at this point) and still appreciate how…sexy this team's costumes are. It's not exactly rocket science to have a literal Olympian body and cover it in stretch mesh and rhinestones to make it look good, but something about the line and mixture of coverage and sheer brings out a heightened sense of sensuality that's inherent in their performance. I love the lacy details of her bodice. And again, rhinestones.

BRONZE - Natalia Zabijako & Alexander Enbert (FS)

This field was generally underwhelming, but these two had a relatively cute reveal moment (even if it did come at a seemingly random, non-choreographed point in their program), so I guess that's enough for a sartorial bronze. I do not, however, understand the armpit flap of his reveal.

WEIR AWARD - Lana Petranović & Antonio Souza-Kordeiru (FS)

I do not understand how one takes a disco soundtrack and applies to it the cheerleading costumes from Glee; I kept expecting these two to tear away to bell-bottoms. I was not alive during the disco era...was there a cheerleading component? Anyone? Bueller?


GOLD - Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron (SD)

I'm giving their free dance costumes a bye week; as beautiful as those costumes are, it does get awfully difficult to continue writing about them. Besides, their short dance look is easily as tasteful and gorgeous. The mossy-gold combination of colors on Gabriella is subtle but captivating, and it is unique in the grouping (everyone else tended toward reds, pinks and blacks). I still maintain that Guillaume does well by keeping his costumes simple and sensual; his main job is his grooming, which looks perfect in every competition. Plus, they both have sparkles...what's not to love?

SILVER - Lucie Myslivečková & Lukáš Csölley (FD)

No, these are not particularly tasteful, but they did go full-on steampunk pauper here, and I have a lot of fun looking at them. They are stylish, well put together and well coordinated -- the right kind of silly, done correctly.

BRONZE - Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte (SD)

Plenty of skaters have this type of skirt for the rumba portion, but I am still infinitely charmed by Cappellini's uber-feminine portrayal of it. The pink is vibrant but sophisticated, and the top is the perfect balance of bling and taste. And whereas I would normally scoff at Lanotte for wearing something so simple, somehow the mock turtleneck makes up for everything.

WEIR AWARD - Alexandra Nazarova & Maxim Nikitin (SD)

It feels fitting to close with the most bonkers costumes of the entire season in any of the categories. To somehow look entirely naked while wearing 30 pounds of the most garishly colored fringe in the entire world (and remember, we're covering rumba in ice dance -- it's like garish fringe central up in here) and to also come up with an asymmetrical fringe legging concept all in one…I mean, I am speechless. I also totally know what I'm going as for Halloween this year.