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Say what? Icenetwork's favorite quotes of the year

Read the most entertaining things that came out of skaters' mouths in 2017
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Adam Rippon proved to be one of the most quotable skaters in 2017. -Getty Images

Figure skaters are not only good at entertaining us on the ice but off it as well. Want proof? Try to keep a straight face or not have your heart touched by some of our favorite quotes of the year.

"I will not take this lying down, which ironically is what I am exactly doing right now." - Adam Rippon, following the broken foot he suffered in January that caused him to withdraw from the 2017 U.S. Championships

"Before, I was showing my happy clown side, but at the same time, I wanted to show everybody that I'm not a clown." - Alex Krasnozhon, on going from a Michael Jackson short program in 2016 to a Chopin short in 2017

"It was a huge program, well coordinated, to cheat, and they should pay a pretty stiff penalty. I think the only way the IOC and the ISU maintain any level of integrity is to take a strong stand and weigh a strong penalty for those actions." - U.S. Figure Skating President Sam Auxier, on the possibility of Russia being banned from the 2018 Olympic Winter Games due to a doping scandal

"I like playing Tinkerbell -- I'm all about the sparkles." - Elli Kopmar, on her and Jonah Barrett's Peter Pan free skate

"It was like you were a really good pitcher and retired for 16 years and came back as a first baseman." - Deanna Stellato-Dudek, on being a singles skater, retiring and returning 16 years later to skate pairs

"My flip-toe was like chocolate." - Mirai Nagasu, on the clean triple flip-triple toe she landed in the short program at the 2017 U.S. Championships

"We definitely need a new crop of young girls to come in, because I will die one day, and you guys will need more people. So, Karen, keep it up." - Ashley Wagner, on Karen Chen's performance in the short program at the 2017 U.S. Championships

"He grew up as a warrior. Since he was 8, he was winning his events against competitors usually much older than him. At the junior worlds in 2014, he finished third with a cast on his hand. Who does that?" - Rafael Arutunian, on prize student Nathan Chen

"When you spend a lot of time with somebody and give them all your energy and realize that it is now going nowhere, I think it is time for a change, definitely," - Frank Carroll, on his decision to end his coaching relationship with Gracie Gold

"I think it is not far away when everybody will do all quads. We need to be ahead of that. Now we send a message out, and in a minute, everybody will see it and try to get the same." - Arutunian, on the five-quad free skate Chen performed at the U.S. championships

"I have a friendly relationship with her, not a [romantic] one." - Alexei Mishin, on why he shakes Carolina Kostner's hand after she comes off the ice instead of hugging her

"We were emotional while skating, but now we feel empty, like squeezed lemons." - Vladimir Morozov, after his and Evgenia Tarasova's winning free skate at the 2017 European Championships

"You know, I train in an old factory where the ice is really horrible, so every rink I skate in all over the world is better than what I have at home. If I can do something at home, I can do it anywhere." - Jorik Hendrickx, on his training conditions back home in Belgium

"You know, when I like something, I feel so attached and addicted to it that I can't get rid of it. It's like Swiss cheese: I would eat some all day long, but my coach doesn't let me. He says I need to learn moderation." - Deniss Vasiljevs, on having to be patient with putting quads into his programs

"I would not like to wake up 10 years from now and realize that I missed my chance. In life, you regret things you haven't done more than things you have done." - Kostner, on coming back to competition after taking two years off

"Before Christmas, I visited Hell, a place in the Grand Caymans which is the site of some really odd rock formations. My parents seemed to be really amused when they received their Christmas postcard from their son, addressed from Hell." - Jeremy Ten, on his skating gig on a cruise ship

"On some days when I don't want to do the laundry, there's not going to be my mom there to do it for me. I will have to scrape the ice off my windshield every morning. There's not someone there to pick me up, to warm my car. So it will be a change and an adjustment, but I think that it's the next step I need to take." - Gold, on Moving to Michigan to train with Marina Zoueva and her team of coaches

"'Regrettable' is the only word I can use for not being able to do a clean program." - Yuzuru Hanyu, after his flawed short program at the 2017 Four Continents Championships

"Don't you think we have something more? We have something more. We are working on it. You will see it." - Arutunian, on what his plans are for Chen at the Olympics in 2018

"Nathan could do tricks I would ask adults to do, and then he would go, 'Is this supposed to be hard?'" - Ballet instructor Cati Snarr, on the ease with which Chen learned certain advanced ballet moves

"As much as I love the sport of figure skating, I do not watch figure skating when I am not figure skating." - Ashley Wagner

"We're going to knock [the technical panel's] socks off in Helsinki. They will be sockless after our program." - Evan Bates, on what to expect from his and Madison Chock's short dance at worlds

"When I wake up, I listen to music. During the day, I listen to music. When I go to bed, I listen to music. My whole life is surrounded by music. And when I go to competitions, I am listening to music!" - Evgenia Medvedeva, on being surrounded by music wherever she goes

"An injury is like a stone in your path, and you have to leave it aside. This is sport. It happened this year to all of us, as it happens in many other sports. Many of us tried to do new things. But if you love something, then you fight." - Aliona Savchencko, on the rash of injuries in the pairs field at worlds

"Triples are hard. Quads are really my thing." - Chen, after his short program at worlds

"If you can create something and combine [jumps and artistry], then you should be the world champion. But if you have great jumps and you don't have the skating, then you shouldn't be. If we are losing skating, then we lose everything." - Javier Fernández, at the 2017 World Championships

"I haven't been in the moon, and I wanted to research the moon landscape." - Mishin, on why he took Carolina Kostner to compete at the Nordics before the world championships 

"I know at the end of the day people will say I choked, and I did. This is something I'm not proud of." - Wagner, after her seventh-place finish at worlds

"I left my heart and lungs on the ice today." - Jason Brown, after the free skate at worlds

"In the short program, the music is so elegant and light. I feel like I'm walking on a pond and I'm a bird. So, the light edges come with acting like a bird." - Karen Chen, on her On Golden Pond short program

"I need to shine! Just for me, to make my eyes happy. Let us be women!" - Aliona Savchenko, on her penchant for wearing diamonds

"Last year, I finished my season with tears at worlds, but here I was able to finish with a smile." - Shoma Uno, after winning silver at worlds

"There was that moment of, 'Get up, you stupid idiot, get up and go.' You train to do exactly that -- if something happens, act like it didn't happen." - Zach Donohue, on his fall during the free dance at worlds

"I have a completely irrational fear of sharks; I fear I'm going to get eaten in the pool." - Penny Coomes, on her fear of doing rehab in the water after her knee injury

"Figure skating is our national sport in Spain. We're born with skates on already. We skate on the lakes in the wintertime." - Fernández, sarcastically discussing the popularity of figure skating in his native Spain

"When I got to the Grand Prix Final, I just started thinking, 'How did I get here? Why am I here?' I know that I have unique qualities that make me one of the best skaters in the world, but you lose some perspective when you see everyone else doing all of these [quads] and I just felt like, 'Oh, I'll be over here doing my triples.'" - Rippon, on feeling overwhelmed at the Grand Prix Final

"He is my Ferrari. I want to be sure he has the best maintenance." - Arutunian, on making sure Chen is in the best shape possible for the Olympics

"Imagine getting a jumbo jet off the ground with only half the length of runway -- you'd have to hit the gas and go nose-up almost immediately. Suffice it to say, there's a reason runways are long: Every plane needs enough time and space to get up to speed. So in terms of how we changed our approach or preparation, it was learning to deal with a huge plane, a shortened runway and a tight timeline for takeoff." - Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim, on readying themselves for competition in a short amount of time

"Our primary concern was what we were wearing and how blinged out it was." - Timothy Dolensky, on his team's attire at the Aerial Figure Skating Challege

"I'm really happy with them because I feel it's done as tastefully as a naked shoot can be done. I'm super proud to show my mother and my grandmother." - Wagner, on her photos in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue

"Tanith is in charge. Whenever Charlie wanted to add or correct something, he looked to her for permission first." - Angela Wang, on what it was like working with married choreographers Tanith Belbin White and Charlie White

"I feel that I don't have anything in particular that I'm good at or I'm strong at. At the same time, I don't think I have anything that is particularly weak or bad. So, I guess that is who I am as a skater." - World silver medalist Shoma Uno

"The quads are big point-getters, so it's very important to do them and do them well. The hard part is when you do quad-quad-quad without any break or time to actually portray the character or movement. That's something we're really focusing on, because I don't want to be known as crazy quad kid." - Vincent Zhou, on wanting to improve his performance quality

"People have said that when I skate they can see that my emotion is very internal, like sitting in the corner of the room huddled up as opposed to standing out in the pouring rain and screaming to the sky. The latter is the one we're trying to get me to do." - Zhou, on wanting to become better at expressing emotion during a program

"My passion for skating and training remains strong. However, after recent struggles on and off the ice, I realize I need to seek some professional help and will be taking some time off while preparing for my Grand Prix assignments. This time will help me become a stronger person, which I believe will be reflected in my skating performances as well." - Gold, on withdrawing from the Cup of China and Internationaux de France in order to focus on off-ice matters.

"I want to be sure that you have to be able to do well in the artistic program, not just be flamboyant and roll around on the ice." - Brian Orser, on the idea of having separate artistic and athletic programs

"Whenever you add more quads, it's harder to deliver performance. But we're trying to do everything. It's like putting a necklace together with every piece of diamond or gold. One missing piece can ruin it." - Arutunian, on trying to balance technical difficulty and artistry in a skating program

"I grew up in Israel, and we've been through wars and a lot of things. When I drove into my friend's neighborhood, it was like another world. It was like a war zone." - Two-time Olympic ice dancer Roman Zaretsky, on driving through Houston following the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey

"I wanted to open myself up to young girls inside and outside the sport to let them know a little more of what goes on behind the scenes and that it's not a perfect journey every single day. I mostly write about the hardships because I think people only see the great performances in our sport. I wanted to shine a light on how difficult it is to do what we do every day." - Madison Hubbell, on a blog post she wrote on her and partner Zach Donohue's website about a couple of bad days they had in practice

"I got my butt whipped all last season." - Max Aaron, on the difficult 2016-17 season he endured

"I'm not here to hang out and wear a team jacket. I want to leave my mark." - Aaron, on his goals for the Olympic year

"What I find funniest is when I was falling and giving away a medal, someone (in the arena) was going to the bathroom and someone else was buying popcorn. So, it's not that huge a deal in the span of life." - Donohue, looking back on his fall in the free dance at then 2017 World Championships

"This is a once-in-a-generation type of guy. What the kid is doing is unbelievable. You can't express how difficult the things he does are. He makes it look so easy. He's superhuman." - Aaron, on Nathan Chen

"I love the cameras. The more, the better. If anyone thinks I may be the next [Mao] Asada, I am happy to hear it." - Marin Honda, on her willingness to be in the spotlight

"I'm livid. It's very frustrating because I put so much time into this and I work so hard, and it's something that I know I can do." - Jason Brown, on struggling to land clean quads during competition

"We're not interested in coming in third. I actually won't go up on the podium to get bronze. And I don't really want silver -- I want to win. It's what we're training for." - Donohue, on he and Hubbell setting the goal of winning the 2018 U.S. Championships

"When we are done with this skating stuff, are they keeping in touch? Probably not. They're friendly, they respect each other. Javi is (four years) older. He lives on his own, does his own cooking and cleaning, he has a cat. Yuzu lives with his mom and lives and breathes skating, and that's fine, too." - Orser, on the differences between Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernández

"People would cry, it was so beautiful. They connected with the inside of people, the core." - Barbara Tyrell Kelly, on peoples' reactions to watching Ludmila Protopopov and Oleg Protopopov practice

"It saddens me deeply to sit out this Grand Prix Series, but I know it is for the best. I am currently in treatment for depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. I will not have adequate training time to prepare and compete at the level that I want to." - Gold, on having to withdraw from her Grand Prix assignments

"I don't want to just be known as an outstanding jumper, nor do I want to be known as just an artistic skater. I want to be known as a full package skater who has everything. Put it this way: There are cars that are crazy fast, like Formula One cars, or there are extremely nice cars, like a Rolls-Royce. I want to be a Bugatti, fast and nice." - Krasnozhon

"I've been kind of waiting for this. I said to Moira, 'It's about damned time.'" - Randy Gardner, on he and partner Tai Babilonia having to wait so long to be honored by the Ice Theatre of New York

"I have a 12-year-old who lands all the quads. That's the new generation. That's where the sport is going, definitely. Quad lutz and flip are very recent; they are a sign of this time. They will just become a part of the younger ones' repertoire." - Orser, on the accelerated rate at which younger skaters learn quads

"The level of skating has become so outrageous! It's tough, but it's also so much fun and competitive. Take the number of points: With 240 points, you used to be able to end up third, maybe second, in any international competition. Now you end up seventh! An 80-point short program would have ranked third; now you'd be eighth or worse." - Aaron, on the steadily increasing ability of his competitors

"Sometimes it's difficult to keep your smile, when work is getting tough. Coming back from my previous Grand Prix (Cup of China, where he finished sixth), I was able to smile again. That makes me really happy. It's good to have such a feeling." Fernández, on enjoying his performance after winning the short program at the 2017 Internationaux de France

"Keeping your technique through this age is very difficult. You have to always 'pull it' and never stop, not a single day. Body changes, mind is changing, you can never relax. You have to work and talk. That's the motto: Work and talk." - Eteri Tutberidze, on the way her student, Alina Zagitova, stays focused in competition

"Too many quads may kill a program: When a skater misses some, there is often nothing left in their program, as the basics are often lacking, and it's boring for the audience." - Figure skating television producer Paul Péret

"From both of our past careers, we have discovered that both our personalities embody 'fire' and 'compassion,' and that's what really made us click. Working more off the ice and getting to know each other more, our feelings, our lives, our past lives before we got together -- those all really helped us understand each other's deep feelings and how we can pursue our emotions on the ice together." - Olivia Smart and Adrià Diaz, on what allows them to be successful as a team

"Look, he's extraordinary. He's pushing boundaries technically, and he's pushing boundaries artistically. And he does it in a very calm, cool, suave kind of way." - Choreographer Lori Nichol, on the maturity and ability of Chen

"I'm glad I'm helping figure skating in the U.S. kind of blossom forth a little bit more than it has in the past. It's kind of been pretty stagnant over the past couple of years, and I'm glad that with my technical arsenal, I'm able to bring some interest back to skating in the U.S." - Nathan Chen

"It is a very, very, very big weight out of my body, a very big satisfaction. I am free, really free, to be focused just on my skating and the competition." - Bruno Massot, on earning his German citizenship, which makes him eligible to compete at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

"I feel like many years ago I was setting a trend (trying quad lutz), and I was like, 'Oh, no one will do this.' Now I go to competition and everybody and their mother and their child can do a quad lutz, and I'm over here eight years later busting my chops." - Rippon

"The pressure was here, I was ready to concentrate, but I would say today my legs were like a piece of wood and it was difficult to be flexible." - Massot, on his and Savchenko's underwhelming performance in the short program at Skate America

"In the end, this trashy club music embodies me even better than my own voice does." - Rippon, on why he changed his short back to last season's program, a remix of Danish soul singer Ida Corr's "Let Me Think About It"

"There (are) a lot of issues, not only blades, that I don't want to talk about. I hope we will get him at the right time, at the right point, in good shape. He did good programs already (this season) with (quad) loops and (triple) axels.

"It's always something. I watch other skaters as well, and they don't talk about problems, but I can see problems." - Arutunian, on problems Chen has experienced this season

"Listen, I'm 28, I have a lot of experience, I have a goal and I'm focused, and literally nothing is going to get in my way. I'm ready for anything. I told Sam Auxier, our (U.S. Figure Skating) president, that you can throw rocks and bricks and put bugs on the ice -- it doesn't matter. I'm going to do my job, and I'm going to go out there. I'm a fighter, and I'm a warrior." - Rippon, on overcoming a shoulder injury at the beginning of his free skate at Skate America

"Satoko Miyahara is working too hard, and Marin [Honda] is lazy. I need something in the middle." - Mie Hamada, on the different training approaches of two of her star students

"Modern life without the internet is just impossible. I, of course, don't want to read those criticisms, but they are there, as toxic as they are. Athletes shouldn't read internet comments. They make you more nervous and make you lose some of your confidence. If you follow them, you can lose your way." - Maria Sotskova, on doing her best to ignore negative comments from online critics

"The most important thing I've learned over the course of the years I've been training is you have to be confident in yourself and love yourself for all of the flaws and all the struggles. Don't feel ashamed or think less of yourself because of a situation. Cherish everything you can bring to the ice and what you can offer. Everyone is unique, and don't forget about that." - Jason Brown, on building up his confidence heading into his first Grand Prix Final