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Donovan: 2017 Grand Prix Final fashion podiums

Osmond, Rippon earn high marks; Pulkinen showered with junior praise
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Kaetlyn Osmond and Adam Rippon earned high marks for their costume selections at the Grand Prix Final. -Getty Images

I must admit, I was terrified going into the Grand Prix Final after seeing some of the fashion offerings from the men this year. However, I'm pleased to report that either my icy heart has partially melted, or I lucked into a fashionable group of boys. To my surprise, Adam Rippon did not occupy the entire podium this time around, though I was prepared to include his warm-up look if necessary.

It's also interesting to note that we're seeing new fashions pop up at this point, which is making my job very interesting. (We're still waiting on you, Nathan.)


GOLD -- Kaetlyn Osmond (SP)

I've been wary of awarding Osmond for this last-season stunner, but it seems resistance to her Édith Piaf excellence is indeed futile -- she may have lost her footing in the long, but this short costume is always good for gold.

SILVER -- Satoko Miyahara (FS)

The Skate America champion has a gorgeous free skate costume that pays homage to her homeland's cultural history, and it's pretty hard to argue against putting her in this line-up. The butterfly detailing, however, is a bit too literal and juvenile for me to give her the gold against Osmond's decidedly more sophisticated offering. Still, this is minor nitpicking. Miyahara looks glorious, and very much an ice princess for 2017.

BRONZE -- Wakaba Higuchi (FS)

A friend of mine insisted I had been overlooking Higuchi, and he was not wrong. A perfect Bond girl-esque look for a Skyfall number that utilizes secret agent spins, dips and slides. I also give her credit for the broken mirror pieces, as seen in the movie's opening sequence.

JUNIOR SHOUT-OUT -- Alexandra Trusova (SP)

Last year, I skipped out on covering the junior tournament even though, honestly, some of the kids had costumes that slayed those of the adults. This year, I wanted to give these incredible kids some props, starting with this adorable little flapper-inspired number from Ms. Trusova. With lovely, intricate beadwork and a perfect skirt for figure skating, this little black dress lights up the ice.


GOLD -- Adam Rippon (FS)

This is the best men's costume of the year; step it up or not, these boys gave Rippon zero competition.

SILVER -- Adam Rippon (SP)

Rippon has this "Rhythm Nation" excellence -- and this sartorial competition -- under "Control." What have the other boys done for me lately?

BRONZE -- Mikhail Kolyada (FS)

Where he could have just coasted on casual, Kolyada's belt and closure details shimmer and shine, and add real dimension to what would otherwise be something of a snooze. The fact that it is an Elvis tribute is just charming.

WEIR AWARD -- Sergei Voronov (SP)

Chances are, if your free skate outfit is a pair of footie-pajamas with Autobot's face plastered on them, I'm probably going to hate it.

JUNIOR SHOUT-OUT -- Camden Pulkinen (FS)

As anyone who reads this knows, I am decidedly against embellished T-shirts on male figure skaters. However, there is something about this costume that all comes together for me. The color, the detailing, the sheer sleeves with embellished cuffs all work harmoniously to create a subtle, subdued moment for Mr. Pulkinen.


GOLD -- Aliona Savchenko & Bruno Massot (FS)

Heavenly looking outfits that perfectly complement a routine skated to "La Terre vue du ciel" (or, "Earth from above") earn Savhcenko and Massot a well-deserved fashion gold in my book. The bodice lines alone from Aliona's dress would be enough for me -- and I want a bejeweled turtleneck.

SILVER -- Xiaoyu Yu & Hao Zhang (FS)

Even though these silver medalists from last year's Grand Prix Final could not hold onto their Grand Prix placement, these Star Wars-inspired creations will always earn a medal from me. Because, again, OH MY GOSH, STAR WARS!

BRONZE -- Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov (SP)

While Klimov may have a stereotypically bland male costume, I have been obsessed with the austere simplicity -- and bejeweled turtleneck -- of Stolbova's look all season. The lines and proportions are perfect, and the two sprinkles of sparkle keep it looking refined and fashionable.

JUNIOR SHOUT-OUT -- Ekaterina Alexandrovskaia & Harley Windsor (SP)

In what was likely the most competitive category for me, Alexandrovskaia and Windsor squeak out a win over Yumeng Gao and Zhong Xie with these perfectly coordinated, somewhat dark costumes. I love that the truly unique detail on her skirt is reflected in the floating panels on his back.


GOLD -- Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron (FD)

I think this photo perfectly encapsulates what makes these costumes so special. There's something hauntingly spare about Papadakis' dress that reflects in the somber tone of their music, while Cizeron maintains an air of humble chastity in his look -- simple, sober, striking.

SILVER -- Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani (SD)

The joyous antithesis to the staid showings of the French, the Shibutanis absolutely light up the ice in these jubilant, invigorating confections that never fail to brighten my day (and face) with a smile. Whoever beaded those bodices deserves a cookie.

BRONZE -- Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir (SD)

Narrowly beating out the lovely showings of Madison Chock and Evan Bates, these undeniably quirky costumes still capture my imagination. Their stupefying ability to somehow take a cacophony of seemingly disparate (and, honestly, fairly tacky) design elements and transform them into charming, coherent couture deserves a spot on the podium of this (highly competitive) section.

JUNIOR SHOUT-OUT -- Sofia Polishchuk & Alexander Vakhnov (SD)

Taking a page from the Shib Sibs, these two embody real joy when they are on the ice, and their costumes reflect that. Well, Polishchuk's dress does, with its candy counter-like texture and vibrant salmon coloring; Vakhnov, on the other hand, makes up for whatever design-derived effervescence his costume lacks with an ever-present smile.