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Dovovan: 2017 Skate America fashion podiums

Rippon continues to earn high praise; Shibutanis pick up another 'medal'
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Though she was forced to withdraw from the competition, Ashley Wagner still displayed award-winning costumes at 2017 Skate America. -Getty Images

Skate America had its fair share of drama in the form of withdrawals, "cursed ice" and surprising victories -- but did it have the fashion to match?

Let's find out!


GOLD -- Ashley Wagner (SP & FS)

Ashley's shocking withdrawal gave me goosebumps, but so did both of these looks. First, let's start with her vibrant stunner of a kaleidoscopic fantasy in her short program. While her former look for this routine had a charming wit, this dress really highlights Ashley's fiery performance instincts. The explosive gold sequining over a luscious red and purple ombré absolutely lights Ashley up while keeping the eyes of the audience dancing all over her as she skates. This is what a dress is meant to do.

Equally entrancing is the new breathtaking stunner that is her free skate dress. I had a feeling Ashley was holding out for a leveled-up Satine fantasy, but this is beyond what I could have expected. The rhinestone detailing is beyond stunning, from the iconic necklace (which, given Ashley's rocky relationship with the podium, could be a metaphor for medaling) to the stunning bustier (the intricacy and line here are next-level insane) to the gorgeous modernity of the shape. Wagner truly outdid herself with this dress, and there is some tragic irony in her having to walk away from her performance due to an injury. Alas, the show must go on. I just hope Wagner is in top shape for nationals.

SILVER -- Satoko Miyahara (FS)

Miyahara absolutely floats across the ice in this vibrant blue homage to a kimono. While I love the rhinestoning and the detailing, what makes this dress really fascinating is how the blue of the main dress ombrés into the nude panel, as though the color is bleeding into her skin. It's a gorgeous effect, utilized brilliantly.

BRONZE -- Gabrielle Daleman (FS)

Whilst I would have loved to talk about Bradie Tennell or Kaori Sakamoto, Gabrielle's ode to Wonder Woman continues to brighten my day and widen my smile. Now, if only she could stick her free skate.


GOLD -- Adam Rippon (FS)

I am not sure what more I can say about just how perfect and sublime this costume is. Just treat yourself to another YouTube session of watching Adam simply glow.

SILVER -- Adam Rippon (SP)

As a gentle reminder to the men of figure skating to get their closets in order, here's Adam Rippon giving them Rhythm Nation realness the house down boots. (Honestly, I know none of you probably know what that means, but the struggle has been so very real with men's fashion this season.)

BRONZE -- Daniel Samohin (FS)

Another skater who had to bow out but looked good doing it, Samohin looks regal in this seeming nod to the flag of his country Israel.

WEIR AWARD -- All the men dressing like used car salesmen in 1983

I'm looking at you, Liam Firus, Kevin Reynolds, Takahito Mura and Nathan Chen (even though I read on icenetwork that the former is planning on unveiling his legitimate costumes soon.) But seriously, guys, at least throw some glitter at it.


GOLD -- Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot (SP & FS)

Sorry, another double. But with how great these two (well, mostly Aliona) look, can you blame me? The high, bejeweled collar and the allover ombré of Savchenko's free skate dress make for a compelling, modest and original garment. Her short program look, however, matches that icy sophistication with some sultry, fiery reds and textures.

SILVER - Xiaoyu Yu and Hao Zhang (SP)

I am trying as hard as I can not to give these two the gold medal for their Star Wars costumes every time, so allow me to compliment them on always being able to put a pale pink dress and a detailed blue sweater together and end up looking like celebrities on a red carpet. I specifically like his look, with all the different slashes of texture and tone.

BRONZE -- Deanna Stellato-Dudek and Nathan Bartholomay (SP)

They came, they glittered, they didn't quite conquer -- but did I mention they glittered? Both Deanna and Nathan look effulgent in their sparkly, coordinated, cobalt confections, and good on them for it.


Gold -- Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker (FD)

Dance has a ton of strong costumes this season, and it has been both a joy and a struggle to pick the best ones, but Kaitlin and Jean-Luc look like a perfect pair of Americans in Paris on their way to the Louvre after a lovely Sunday brunch. Kaitlin's dress is uniquely magnificent, and is easily the best dress in the dance category this season -- even surpassing Gabriella Papadakis' stunning free skate look. The construction of the skirt is near mystical in its refined effervescence.

SILVER -- Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani (SD)

I adore these two. They seem sweet, chipper and hardworking -- and they always look fantastic. I still applaud them for how they managed to take Maia's exceedingly feminine and energetic look and manage to find the pieces of it that worked for Alex. Some of my favorite costumes of the season.

BRONZE -- Kana Muramoto & Chris Reed (FD)

I love the reveal, obviously (even though the post-reveal skirt could use a little refining), but I also love how perfect their costumes go with the tone of the music, and with each other. Kana's costume is like a vibrant version of his before she tears it away, which has a sweet lyricism to it.