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Donovan: 2017 NHK Trophy fashion podiums

Rippon takes home two medals; Virtue, Moir earn top honor in dance
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Adam Rippon received high praise for the short program (left) and free skate costumes he displayed at the NHK Trophy. -Getty Images


GOLD -- Adam Rippon (FS)

First of all, if you haven't watched this flawless free skate, do so now -- this article can wait.

Now that you're back, let's break it down. For starters, Adam was robbed of first place in the free, but seriously, was that not the most gorgeous performance you've ever seen? This costume is astounding -- the level of detail on the rhinestone pattern and coloration is beyond almost every other costume I've seen this season. What I think is really perfect about it, however, is how it balances the sobriety and sparkle of the routine. This costume elevates the song and Adam's movement, while managing to do both subtly and brilliantly. This is as perfect a costume as you will ever see in figure skating and a perfect happy birthday to himself!

SILVER -- Keegan Messing (FS)

I'm pretty sure I just gave Keegan the gold for this in Skate Canada, but that was before he had to go up against Adam Rippon on his figurative (should have been literal) best day ever. Again, the look is very on-trend for current fashion (at the very least, he looks like a member of an English pop band of vampires) and suits him and his performance well.

BRONZE -- Adam Rippon (SP)

Adam does these edgy Janet Jackson looks really well. Sex appeal, 80's references, rhinestones and black pleather -- what's not to love? Also, go watch his exhibition where he sings "Diamonds" by Rihanna. It is the CUTEST.

WEIR AWARD -- Hiroaki Sato (SP)

You know it's going to be a doozy when your editor e-mails you a warning about a costume: Ladies and gentleman, may I present why we don't let kindergarteners design your short program costume for you. Also, why is their a flap of mesh coming off his arm?


GOLD -- Mirai Nagasu (SP)

Mirai put on a bit of a tough attitude and totally sold the garment. What could have easily gone too morose or too teen angst (burgundy lace with rhinestone corseting detail?) worked because the commitment Mirai showed breathed an elegant ferocity into the look. She heeded the legendary advice of RuPaul: you better work.

SILVER -- Yuna Shiraiwa (SP)

I love the delicate texture of the detailing in the top with the soft, subdued earth tone of the skirt. This wasn't a particularly strong event for ladies fashion, but I appreciate the level of effort that went into this costume on a next to microscopic level. Plus, it looked great in motion.

BRONZE -- Alena Leonova (FS)

This is a gorgeous costume on an aesthetic level, but I'm always wary of skaters (specifically Russian skaters) that choose to go literal when they're performing a routine to a culture that isn't their own. I love that Alena chose to interpret a sari for her performance, and I love how it was interpreted into a costume. However, I do hope she checked it out with members of that culture for their approval.


GOLD -- Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov (SP)

If you can manage to make austere look edgy, you deserve kudos, and that's exactly what Ksenia and Fedor did with these Bond-esque looks. When in doubt, polish will generally get you marks in any fashion setting.

SILVER -- Kristina Astakhova and Alexei Rogonov (FS)

My gold medalists from the Rostelecom Cup managed to look just as charming in Japan, ever so slightly beaten out by their countrymen who managed to polish up their look just a little bit more.

BRONZE -- Miriam Ziegler and Severin Kiefer (FS)

I honestly would have given these two the gold if Severin dressed to match the elegance of Miriam's little black dress. The back and neckline of said LBD is charming and unusually draped for a figure skating costume, which makes it stand out beautifully. Throw in some gorgeously applied rhinestones at the waist, and we have a contender.


GOLD -- Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (SD)

Usually, my issue with Tessa and Scott is that their costumes tend to be too staid and old fashioned-looking, but they've definitely bumped it up a notch this year. These costumes are totally insane and I absolutely love them! The crazy amount of print and texture still comes across well because they smartly chose to stick to a very traditional and elegant color scheme of black and gold. I love how the gold hardware and chain hangs off Tessa's sheer leopard print dress, and how Scott's shirt acts as the symmetrical counterpart. Well done.

SILVER -- Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte (SD)

Ms. Cappellini really knows how to choose a perfect twizzling skirt -- and how to look adorably retro doing so. I love how charmingly 50's (or 80's?) these two look, with Anna looking like a beauty school dropout, and Luca…well, he's also a beauty school dropout. Always a joy to watch.

BRONZE -- Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov (SD)

Okay, here me out on this one, because I understand that she's dressed like Jane a la Tarzan and Mad Max, and that might confuse some people. But…Victoria just looks so cool, confident and killer, so I had to, okay? No word on why Nikita is dressed in his bowling clothes either, by the way.

WEIR -- Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin (SD)

There's an asymmetrical strand of fuchsia fringe spiral down one of her legs, and Picasso painting of fringe exploding on her bust, and I am so full of confusion and glee right now. Thank you, Alexandra.