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Cinderella story: Moore wins gold in Wake Forest

Improved skating skills lift Conte to championship adult gold men's crown
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Skating to music from the 'Cinderella' soundtrack, Lynsey Moore won the championship adult gold ladies title with 42.08 points. -Jay Adeff

Lynsey Moore (Lansing SC) delivered one of her career-best programs en route to the championship adult gold ladies title at the 2017 U.S. Adult Championships in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Skating to music from the Cinderella soundtrack, Moore cleanly landed all her jumps and received Level 3s for her spins. She finished with 42.08 points.

"It felt like practice," Moore said. "It's one of the best skates I've had. I'm really proud that I landed all of my jumps, because that's always a struggle for me. I think I got all of my levels on my spins, so I'm proud I put it all together."

Turning in an emotional performance to Barbra Streisand's song "Somewhere," Grace Steuever (Pittsburgh SC) took the silver medal with 39.93 points. Her program featured a double salchow-single toe loop combination and three Level 3 spins.

Anna Drozda (SC of New York) earned the bronze with 36.42 points. In performing a tribute to Peggy Fleming's 1968 Olympic program, Drozda wore a bouffant hair-do and streamlined lime green dress to capture the skater's iconic look from the Grenoble Games.

Championship Adult Gold Men

Giving a confident and inspired performance of his "Who Wants to Live Forever" free skate, Antonio Conte (Los Angeles FSC) won the championship adult gold men's title with 37.36 points. 

Conte opened with a solid lutz and followed it with a salchow-loop commbination. He earned all positive Grades of Execution en route to the victory.

The bronze medalist in this event last year, Conte trained hard in the offseason to improve his skating skills.

"I decided to reinvent myself because I don't have an axel and I don't have doubles," Conte said. "I focus on the edges and the beauty of the skating."

Alan Emeric (Body Zone FSC) earned the silver medal with 34.55 points. A strong jumper who has an axel and double salchow in his arsenal, Emerick performed to the Russian folk song "Dark Eyes." 

Kenneth Yin (SC of New York) took the bronze with a score of 32.09. He opened his "Piano Concerto No. 1" free skate with a double salchow.