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Corwin Farrow savoring each moment of family life

Former U.S. competitor cherishes 'priceless' time with husband, kids
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Amber Corwin Farrow says she is as happy as ever, spending her time with husband Franklin and their family. -Courtesy of Amber Corwin Farrow

After years of traveling to competitions, juggling school and skating, and chasing a career in fashion, marketing and advertising, Amber Corwin Farrow is enjoying a different pace of life.

As mother to 3-year-old Vienna and stepmother to Lucia and Lucas, Corwin Farrow spends her busiest moments at home -- and she's savoring every minute.

Corwin Farrow, 38, graduated California State University, Long Beach with a degree in fashion merchandising. For several years, she was solely focused on her career and couldn't imagine motherhood, but after meeting Franklin Farrow and seeing him parent his two children, Corwin Farrow developed a strong appreciation for family life.

"It was an organic process for me, to realize that I wanted to step away from creating my personal life and become part of a family," she said.

Corwin Farrow and Farrow got engaged nearly four years ago. A wedding was put on the back burner after she got pregnant and gave birth to Vienna, but last summer the couple decided it was time to tie the knot. They originally envisioned an elaborate wedding in France but instead decided on an intimate family affair closer to home.

"The wedding was 10 people. Very simple, very nice," Corwin Farrow said. "Both of us have a connection to Judaism (she through her mother and he through his father). Although we're not practicing Jews, we both like to carry on the tradition and the culture, so we got married in a temple. We thought it would be something special, and it added to the ceremony.

"At some point, we'll have a big party somewhere," she added, noting that since most of her husband's family lives in England, Scotland and Germany, a European gathering is important.

Jewish culture and having a warm and welcoming home are very appealing to both of them. They recently celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah in order to maintain the traditions with which each grew up. They lit the menorah each night and decorated the tree as a family. Each family member has collected special ornaments over the years, and even Vienna has started to get in on the action.

Corwin Farrow coaches skating a bit and takes to the ice herself; Vienna has been to the rink, and her mom says she loves being on the ice. Corwin Farrow said she's taking it slow -- also having Vienna take ballet and gymnastics classes -- but it is clear that mother and daughter share a passion. The couple also plans to take Vienna skiing this winter.

Figure skating taught Corwin Farrow how to multitask, but she said it also showed her that she can handle stressful predicaments.

"Working hard in training and staying focused for that many years in skating sets anyone up for a very focused life, where you can take on the world," she said.

The family lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on five acres of property. Although she's within walking distance of the beach, Corwin Farrow refers to the area as a hidden gem, which provides an added level of calmness to her lifestyle.

"I decided over the past year or so that my life was so fast-paced for so long that I wanted to slow it down a bit, and I'm fortunate that I have the opportunity to do that," she said. "I'm teaching a bit and in the rink with Vienna a bit. I'm enjoying a slower pace to life. I'm also gardening and cooking a lot more, and even started growing grapes to make wine.

"It's important for everyone at some point in their lives to stay in the moment and take it all in," Corwin Farrow said. "I'm so glad I'm able to be home with my daughter as she grows up and watch her become passionate about absolutely everything.

"I'm really loving life right now," she added. "Having this time with family is priceless."