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Donovan: Grand Prix Final fashion podiums

Osmond's costume earns high marks; Pogorilaya tabbed with 'Weir Award'
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Kaetlyn Osmond's costume at the Grand Prix Final was one that received high marks from Sam Donovan. -Getty Images

Naturally, it will be enjoyable to do this again amongst a larger field, but it's fun to finally pit some of the heavy-hitting style moments from the season against one another. I will say that despite a generally competitive field of fashion across the board at the Grand Prix Final, the ladies field felt deeply empty without Ashley Wagner around to steal the style show.


GOLD - Nathan Chen (FS)

It's really boiled down to Chen and Hanyu all season for this place on the podium, and how do you deny Chen his due after such a stunning free skate?

SILVER - Yuzuru Hanyu (SP)

I will always love this for its campiness, quirkiness and downright apologetic creativity. Hanyu couldn't quite sneak the gold from Chen's stunning cultural ode of a costume, but this look will certainly go down as one of the most talked about of the year.

BRONZE - Adam Rippon (SP)

Rippon certainly knows how to flaunt his assets, and this tongue-in-cheek costume is a master class in dressing for your program. Still not necessarily classy, but as fun as ever.


GOLD - Kaetlyn Osmond (SP)

Again, it really feels weird not having Wagner as part of this podium, but I suppose there's always Four Continents, worlds, etc. With that said, Osmond certainly deserves a spot on this podium, for the fabulous Édith Piaf drag she's been rocking all season. Gorgeous, intricate and, quite simply, fun, which is the true triple threat of figure skating fashion.

SILVER - Evgenia Medvedeva (SP)

Seemingly the only Russian lady capable of snagging some gorgeous costuming, Medvedeva certainly gets high marks for her perfectly pretty ensemble. This may well be the prettiest dress of the season, if not necessarily the most exciting.

BRONZE - Satoko Miyahara (SP)

Once upon a time, on RuPaul's reality show, the inimitable dowager of drag described a contestant's dress as a "cotton candy fantasy." That dress was actually made of cotton candy, but every time I see this confection of Miyahara's, those words ring true in my ear, and that's good enough for the final place on this podium.

WEIR AWARD - Anna Pogoliraya (SP & FS)

Seriously, why is this still a thing? Can't her coach just claim he lost her luggage on the way to one of these events?

Jokes aside, her costumes really impede her lines when she skates -- most notably, the fabric that serves as a skirt on her free skate dress that buckles, bubbles and wobbles every time she jumps, spins or bends, which makes her skating look messy.


GOLD - Xiaoyu Yu and Hao Zhang (FS)

Like anyone else had a chance! This pair looked incredible all season in these Paris couture show-worthy looks. Each time I wrote about the pairs competition, these were the costumes that always stuck out in my mind. Absolutely sensational.

SILVER - Natalia Zabijako and Alexander Enbert (FS)

I would still like to see Natalia wear this to the Golden Globes, with a longer skirt, of course.

BRONZE - Cheng Peng and Yang Jin (SP)

I really hope Icenetwork publishes this with the photo of Yang rolling his eyes, because it just perfectly captures the goofy nature of this pair, and the fun they brought this season from a stylistic approach.


GOLD - Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron (FD)

I don't think I could write a more emotional and impassioned response to these looks than when I originally gave them a gold back at the Trophée de France, but needless to say, there's always something quiet and beautiful about these looks and this program.

SILVER - Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani (SD)

I just love how tough Maia looks in those pants!

BRONZE - Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron (SD)

Like I need a reason to double award these two. The French people are just better at fashion, y'all. Also, somebody ask Cizeron where he got that blazer.

WEIR AWARD - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (SD & FD)

Someone needs to stop Tessa from picking out her own clothes. It would also be nice for that person to mention to Scott that he may want to wear something other than pajamas.