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Donovan: 2016 Skate Canada fashion awards

Medvedeva, Hanyu take gold for their costume selections in Mississauga
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Sam Donovan gave Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu high marks for his outstanding on-ice fashion at 2016 Skate Canada. -Getty Images

Sam Donovan was a contestant on the Lifetime series Project Runway: Under the Gunn as well as Project Runway All Stars. He is a lifelong figure skating fan and says that Tara Lipinski's little blue dress at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, was one of the biggest reasons he got into fashion.

2016 Skate Canada brought out the best in the world's top figure skaters once again, but high marks on the ice aren't the only thing for which many of these athletes are being recognized. Here now is a look at the award-winning costumes from this year's event in Mississauga, Ontario.


GOLD - Evgenia Medvedeva (SP)

First and foremost: What Skate Canada boasted in technical ability, it lacked in creative fashion, especially since the ladies podium this go-round was essentially a "prettiest dress" competition -- and nobody had a prettier dress than 16-year-old Russian Evgenia Medvedeva. The luminescent, glacial blue of her short program frock radiated across the ice as she nailed her stellar performance. For a number choreographed to "River Flows in You" and "The Winter," the ombré of Medvedeva's dress very appropriately channels a glacial Moulin. 

SILVER - Mirai Nagasu (FS)

She may not have taken it all in Ontario, but Mirai's performance in her sensationally simple white dress truly stole the show for me. Something about Nagasu's poise and performance sold the somber subtlety of her look. Neck-and-neck for prettiest dress with Medvedeva, Mirai was captivating, if not necessarily in the kind of way that snatches a medal.

BRONZE - Kaetlyn Osmond (SP)

As soon as I heard Édith Piaf on Osmond's soundtrack, I was sold. This campy take on the Parisian chanteuse is costuming gold. Easily the most stylish look of all the ladies, it only lacked a touch of sparkle that Nagasu and Medvedeva carried off with ease.


GOLD - Yuzuru Hanyu (SP)

No, I'm not just giving Hanyu the gold because I'm too bewildered that he didn't take it in the actual competition but because he went full-Weir for his short program, dressing himself up like a fairy princess version of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

SILVER - Alexander Petrov (FS)

I want to own this, full stop. He looks like a miniature Lanvin model on ice.

BRONZE - Kevin Reynolds (SP & FS)

I have to commend Reynolds on his podium consistency, as well as his uncanny ability to look like a K-Pop version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. He gets points for the hair alone.


GOLD - Xiaoyu Yu / Hao Zhang (FS)

A yin and yang of gorgeously intricate lace and texture, these really look like high-fashion garments. There's a subtle asymmetry to both looks that keeps the eye moving around them, picking up small areas of interest. Where these two really succeed, however, is that Zhang manages to look good on his own accord, while allowing Yu's gorgeous dress to take the spotlight. In an event that is usually rife with an appalling lack of cohesion, this wardrobe selection alone is good enough for gold.

SILVER - Lubov Iliushechkina / Dylan Moscovitch (SP)

Exemplifying the concept of a non-cohesive team, we have the bronze medalists from Canada. Lubov's adorable dress is carrying all of the weight for this duo -- the neckline alone is to die for -- while Dylan's look is decidedly dated and unpolished. Plus, his hair looks like it came out of a 90's Super Cuts catalog. There weren't a ton of options for the pairs podium this time around, but had Dylan stepped his game up, these two could have been looking at styling gold.

BRONZE - Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford (SP)

Pants, y'all. Plus, Meagan seemed to be enjoying the heck out of this Irina Slutskaya-meets-Stevie Nicks-at-a-leather-bar costume, and who am I to take that away from her?


Nicole della Monica / Matteo Guarise (SP)

Not everyone can be quietly stylish and fashionable in figure skating, but someone's always got to bring the Weir -- and at Skate Canada, there was no better candidate than the Armageddon hellfire stripper duo from Italy. I don't know what is happening -- or why they have ancient runes carved into their illusion netting -- but I am here for it.


GOLD - Anna Cappellini / Luca Lanotte (SD)

Let's face it, these two could step off the ice, strap on some nice shoes, show up at the Emmy Awards, and no one would bat an eye for a second. This is some real-world, movie star glam. Cappellini's polka dot masterpiece of a gown spins beautifully in an arena that more often than not struggles with skirt movement, and she really breathed life into an otherwise kind of simple-looking performance. Oh, and Luca is adorable.

SILVER - Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin (SD & FD)

I wish I could turn back time and find a way to mix and match the Russians' outfits, because Alexandra's breathtakingly simple, red free dance dress would look stunning against Ivan's stellar little leather jacket from his short dance, so much so that it would've easily garnered a top spot on my list. Maybe.

BRONZE - Kaitlin Hawayek / Jean-Luc Baker (SD)

I am infinitely charmed by these two simply due to their equal ability to lift each other off the ice, but I am even more impressed with Hawayek's fabulously sexy dress for the pair's short dance. Yes, she carried the entire stylistic weight of the team on her back, and with a dress that good, it's hard to find her at fault. Sexy, stylish and bold.