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The Inside Edge: Kayne broadcasts makeup tips

U.S. pairs champion launches YouTube channel; Gold retires; Kerr weds
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Tarah Kayne gives a makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel "Level 4 Look." -courtesy of Level 4 Look

Makeup tutorials proliferate on YouTube, but there's a new one dedicated to hair and makeup specifically for figure skaters. The lovely and personable host of "Level 4 Look" knows what she is talking about: She is 2016 U.S. pairs champion Tarah Kayne.

Emailing from Japan, where she and partner Daniel O'Shea are touring with Mao Asada's The Ice, Kayne said she just took the channel live about a month ago. She had the idea back before the U.S. championships, but she didn't start working on it in earnest until O'Shea gave her a camera for her birthday in April.

"Creating the channel was way more involved than I initially thought because I wanted to make sure it looked professional," Kayne said. "I didn't have a camera at first, or any lighting equipment, so I had to purchase those things and learn how to use them, as well as refresh my memory on how to edit videos!"

O'Shea also encouraged Kayne to go ahead with the endeavor.

"He has been really supportive ever since I came up with the idea, since initially I didn't really have the courage to go through with it," she said.

Kayne said she has been interested in hair and makeup as long as she can remember. Her coach, Jim Peterson, has encouraged her to help the younger skaters at their rink get ready for competition. She hopes that she can now share those lessons with a wider audience.

"As I grew, I wanted to experiment with colors and more vibrant, glam makeup looks to match my skating programs," she said. "As for hair, hairstyles don't come naturally for me, so I have to practice a lot if I'm going to do my hair in a new style for competition."

In addition to sharing her own tips on makeup, hairstyles and products, Kayne has invited other skaters to give tutorials. Carly Gold was her first guest, and Kayne promises more skaters to come, male as well as female.

"We corresponded about what exactly I wanted to do, and we ended up deciding I would do eyebrows and a simple eye tutorial," Gold said. "So I sent her clips of me talking to my camera and she edited it. I thought it was awesome -- she's really, really talented."

"I think it is important to bring other skaters in to give their tips and tricks," Kayne said. "Plus it gives a cool dynamic, and who doesn't want to know how their favorite athlete does her hair or makeup?"

And, yes indeed, Kayne said Jason Brown has agreed to give a ponytail demonstration.

"I'm very excited because the process is much more in-depth for him than I would have thought, due to his hair type," Kayne said. "He's such a good sport, and I'm so impressed how he has learned to tame his hair."

As for makeup for male skaters, Kayne said she recommends a technique called "no makeup" makeup. The goal is to give the impression of healthy skin and defined features, and to avoid looking sweaty, blotchy or pale.

"A little bit of powder or brow gel makes a male skater look professional and is part of any performer's job before taking the stage," Kayne said. "However, I also strongly believe that there are no rules for makeup, so if putting on a strong smoky eye makes a guy feel good when he is competing, I think he should go for it."

Along with Brown and Gold, Kayne promised an upcoming video from Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue.

With her busy schedule, Kayne said her biggest challenge in maintaining the channel is finding the time for it.

"A lot of the time I plan on filming a video, but I'm so tired when I come home from practice that it never ends up happening," she said. "And there have been times where I mess up and start over. Sometimes I start the camera and totally forget what I had planned on talking about and just start babbling about something unrelated."

Kayne is used to being on camera and in front of an audience. She did theater as well as news and TV production when she was in school, and she also took public speaking courses in college. She hopes to carry on with a career in the entertainment or TV field once her competitive career is over.

For now, though, her skating career is running at top speed. She said she and O'Shea are having a wonderful time on their first trip to Japan. The highlight so far was meeting some geishas.

"I have read so much about the geisha culture in Japan that it was like meeting celebrities," Kayne said. "They were so beautiful and graceful. We were able to watch them perform and spend the evening with them at dinner."

Kayne said to keep an eye out for evidence of the "dance battles" the cast has been having in every show.

She said, "Maybe some videos or pictures will surface of me demonstrating my unique dance moves (I had to perfect my butt spin and my cartwheel)."

A Gold behind the camera

Speaking of Carly Gold, she recently announced her retirement from competition. Gracie Gold's twin sister was thrilled to qualify for the 2016 U.S. Championships and compete in the senior ladies event, which Gracie, of course, won.

"I pretty much decided after nationals I was done competing," Carly said. "Something was telling me it was time to take a different path. I'll be attending college full time this fall, majoring in media studies, and on the side I've been doing a lot of photography."

Carly took a photography class about a year ago and was inspired by the teacher to take an interest in all aspects of photography. She started doing some head shots for friends and moved on from there.

"It's a big passion of mine, and I would love for it to become a career," she said. "I've been contacted by some skaters to do some on-ice shots, which was super fun. Everyone so far has been really happy with the pictures."

She is still exploring all kinds of photography, but she is particularly enjoying action photography. Who knows, maybe someday one Gold will be on the ice while the other takes pictures of her?

Och aye, a wedding

Sinead Kerr and Grant Marshall were married July 31 in a romantic and intimate ceremony at Dalhousie Castle in Scotland. Kerr's brother, John, was best man, and John's wife, Nadine, was the matron of honor. Fifty-eight family members and friends attended the event in the 13th-century castle.

Kerr wore an elegant Grecian-style white dress with hair to match, along with Oscar de la Renta shoes and a bouquet made up of vintage brooches.

"I had wanted something understated, elegant and classy," Kerr said of her dress. "I didn't want anything too fussy. I was trying to channel Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, and my dressmaker, Claudia Ah-Nien, made something that felt very 'me.' I loved the outcome and ended the night dancing with the dress knotted up and wearing Adidas Superstars."

Marshall wore a kilt, of course, as did all the men in the wedding party.

"The guys in their kilts looked so handsome and colorful. Who doesn't love a guy in a kilt?" Kerr said.

After the wedding, the couple had a traditional Scottish ceilidh, with lots of dancing to the band Whisky Kiss. They are spending their honeymoon in Scotland, attending the Edinburgh Festival.

They plan to live in New Jersey, where they will continue to coach side by side. (Marshall is a retired NHL player.) Long-term, they hope to move back to Scotland sometime in the future.

"We both feel that's home," Kerr said. "Grant and I are trying to build our business of coaching both figure skating and hockey, as we love working together and can help each other out on and off ice with both sports. We love being able to pass on our passion of skating and sport to others."

50 for 50

The Pawtucket and Providence Figure Skating Club hosted a benefit for The Jimmy Fund on July 22. Nancy Kerrigan was the emcee and also skated in the opening number. Guest stars included Rhode Island gal Marissa Castelli and her partner, Mervin Tran; Richard Dornbush; Sean Rabbitt; Anastasia Cannuscio and Colin McManus; Megan Wessenberg; and Brooklee Han.

There was a special presentation honoring New England judge and former president of U.S. Figure Skating Claire Ferguson, whose granddaughters, Taylor and Caroline, skated in the show.

During the show, Dornbush and Rabbitt challenged PPFSC member Christie Marshall to a sit spin competition. Rabbitt pulled $50 out of his pocket and said if Marshall completed 50 revolutions, he would give her the money. (If not, he would keep it.) Marshall pulled it off, and took the cash, but promptly donated it to The Jimmy Fund.

"What a fun night," Kerrigan emailed afterward. "I enjoyed being the emcee, and it was great to see all of the up-and-coming skaters perform while also helping such a great cause. Hope we can do it again sometime."

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