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What a pair! Galleher, Barrett celebrate nuptials

Last-minute dress alterations, dance floor antics highlight celebration
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Newlyweds Lucy Galleher and Jeremy Barrett couldn't resist practicing some pairs lifts on their wedding day. -Troy Huynh Photography/

Lucy Galleher, 30, and Jeremy Barrett, 32, have known each other for more than a decade, but they didn't become a couple until about a year ago, when Barrett went to guest coach for a week in Fairfax, Virginia, where Galleher was teaching.

Barrett, the 2010 U.S. pairs champion with Caydee Denney and a 2010 Olympian, popped the question on Galleher's 30th birthday after a romantic day in the Florida Keys. Galleher, who skated nationally and internationally with John Coughlin and Justin Gaumond, joked that even the bugs didn't spoil the romantic moment.

The couple wed last Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, before approximately 200 guests. Groomsmen included John Zimmerman, John Kerr, Ryan Bradley, Ethan Burgess, Daniel Raad and Gene Holmes. Friends from the skating world in attendance included Judy Blumberg, Felicia Zhang, Sinead Kerr, Silvia Fontana and many of the couple's students at the Panthers IceDen in Coral Springs, Florida.

Back to work after a one-day honeymoon on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, icenetwork caught up with the newlyweds.

Icenetwork: How did you meet?

Jeremy Barrett: Lucy and I met originally when we were competing against each other at 2005 nationals, but we got reunited last year when I went up to her rink in Fairfax to do some guest coaching for a week. 

Lucy Galleher: All during my pairs skating years I would see Jeremy at various competitions. Jeremy and I never spoke much because I was really shy, but I always thought he was cute.  

Icenetwork: Lucy, what made you decide to uproot from Fairfax to move to Florida? 

Galleher: I just knew that Jeremy and I were meant to be together. We considered having Jeremy move to Fairfax, but in the end, warm weather and palm trees won us over.

Icenetwork: What was special about a beach wedding?
Galleher: Fort Lauderdale beach was a special place for us to get married because that's where Jeremy and I had our first date.
Icenetwork: Did you write your own vows?

Barrett: We did write our own vows, and that is what I was most nervous about because I am not much for public speaking. Lucy did a great job writing and saying her vows. 

Icenetwork: I liked that you didn't wear the conventional dark suit, and your groomsmen were on the casual side. Who picked the bridal party clothes?
Barrett: Lucy designed her dress and had it made for the wedding by a local tailor. She also picked out the color for her bridesmaids (yellow).

Galleher: I designed my own dress because I got overwhelmed looking at all of the dresses in the shops. My mom flew out to Florida to help with the dress shopping, but after visiting two stores, we were burned out. I finally just drew a few pictures and dropped them off at a local seamstress. The seamstress was sewing the dress right up until the day before the wedding. Then my good friend and first pairs partner, Kelly Smith, came to the rescue by sewing some last-minute alterations just hours before the wedding. Kelly also made alterations on all of the bridesmaids' dresses on the wedding day. Thank goodness for Kelly's emergency travel sewing kit. Kelly and the seamstress did an amazing job. 

Icenetwork: What made you choose yellow for the bridesmaids?

Galleher: Yellow is just such a happy, happy color. It is also my grandma's favorite color. My grandma and grandpa were the oldest couple at the wedding.

Icenetwork: What are some of your special memories of the wedding?

Barrett: A couple moments for me that really stood out were watching Lucy walk down the aisle; she looked really beautiful. And also, when Lucy's grandparents were called on stage to do a slow dance, because they were married the longest out of anyone in the room (64 years). 

Also, Silvia Fontana and the students choreographed a surprise dance routine that they performed during the reception that was to my favorite movie, Rocky.

Icenetwork: Who gave the best toast?

Barrett: We had a lot of speeches during the wedding, but Lucy's dad gave a great one.

Galleher: My dad, my two sisters and my best friend all rocked it out of the park. They were fantastic! 

Icenetwork: What was the song for the first dance?

Barrett: "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton. 

Galleher: The first dance song was all Jeremy's doing. 

Icenetwork: How do you feel your years as a pairs skater helped prepare you for marriage?

Barrett: Lucy and I make a great team, and her high energy makes it very easy for us to work together as a team, but our pairs careers helped us on the dance floor when a lift or two came out. 

Icenetwork: When and where will the honeymoon be?

Barrett: We will plan an extended honeymoon in a few months. We are deciding between Italy and Thailand.