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They said it! Icenetwork's best quotes of the year

We run down the funniest, most poignant words spoken by skaters in 2015
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Ashley Wagner was one of the most quotable skaters of the past year. -icenetwork

The mixed zones and press conferences at figure skating competitions can be lively places. As such, we combed through every article from 2015 and pulled out what we thought were the best quotes of the year.

"I think I also need to work on my skating skills. It's really stupid to just do jumps." - Aleksei Krasnozhon, after finishing fourth in junior men's at the 2015 U.S. Championships

"Where I am today started a year ago, telling (my coach) Raf [Arutunian] I didn't like competition and I didn't know what I wanted to do. Raf just said, 'Buddy, you need to it figure out.' Here I am today, and I figured it out." - Adam Rippon, after the free skate at the U.S. championships

"This one tastes the sweetest; this one means the most to me. Because this one shows every single person who doubts me, every single person who says I'm too old, every single person who says I'm not capable of being a leading lady -- this shows them that they need to shut their mouths and watch me skate." - Ashley Wagner, after winning her third U.S. championship

"You're kind of in debt to someone who takes you to the Academy Awards, right?" - Rippon, on finding the motivation to continue competing from working with Wagner

"I had been hitting a brick wall that I had built myself. That wall did not need to be there." - Joshua Farris, on what was holding him back before the U.S. championships

"Life is so much everything and nothing at the same time." - Anna Cappellini, between the short and free dances at the European championships

"There is nothing I can say. Everything was bad. It was bad from the start, and it was bad at the end. This was our worst performance, so there's nothing to enjoy here." - Fedor Klimov, after his and Ksenia Stolbova's free skate at Europeans

"I want to give different emotions to the audience and the judges, because it prevents them from getting bored." - Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, after the free skate at Europeans

"I like Champagne...not the next morning, however!" - Gabriella Papadakis, after winning Europeans

"We have put a lot of feelings into that program. Now, just before I skate, I play our music over and over into my earphones. And I may find tears rolling from my eyes just at listening to the music." - Guillaume Cizeron, on his and Papadakis' "Piano Concerto No. 23" free dance

"I had a weird feeling as I was starting my first quad salchow. It was like when you're on a roller coaster reaching the top, you start to go 'Aaah!' And then I fell." - Javier Fernández, after winning his third straight European title

"Sometimes you get a cut in life and you bleed. But you heal over time. You still have these scars. I like to think of these scars as warrior wounds and battle scars. They don't define who you are, but the way you overcome them makes you who you are." - Mirai Nagasu, on not making the 2014 Olympic team

"We're 99 percent sure we'll be on the ice, skating. I mean, it would be in their best interests not to have us sing." - Charlie White, on his and Meryl Davis' appearance in the opening ceremony at the world championships

"You get water from the ground, or from the river. There's no refrigerators, so you eat the food that walks around you: chickens, cows, goats. You eat fresh animals. It's an amazing, humbling experience." - Elladj Baldé, on going to visit his grandfather in Guinea

"Don't forget: The Russians are also human. Look at the little girl (Julia Lipnitskaia) who was the darling of the Olympics, the darling of Europeans, the darling of the Grand Prix last season. Where is she? She fell apart at Russian nationals; she is off the world team. All of these predictions, trying to figure out what will happen in figure skating, it's such a bunch of [nonsense]." - Frank Carroll, assessing the ladies competition at worlds

"When I skated, I didn't look at my cell phone when I was competing. I wasn't taking selfies at the Olympics. I think my coach (Frank Carroll) would've flown home if I had." - Evan Lysacek

"We lived very abnormal lives. We had to grow up very fast and have struggles psychologically and with our health because we were so obsessed with being the best. I know I paid the price. I missed those Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners with my family, and I will never get those moments back. That's why, when I was on the podium at worlds, I thought about those moments that it took to get there, to hold that medal up and look at it and know how much work it took to do that. That felt really good." - Lysacek

"I think many girls will do the triple Axel in the future. You have to do difficult elements; you cannot stagnate. Maybe we will even do quads in the future, who knows?" - Tuktamisheva, after the short program at worlds

"I have no words for the first time in my life." - Meagan Duhamel, after winning worlds

"We don't have (a big) skating history. I started to train on a very little ice surface in Madrid, which is a restaurant now." - Fernández, after winning worlds

"People don't know I'm an artist on the inside. Maybe I'm afraid, because of all the talk. I had my eyes on Black Swan for a long time. It's going to force me to be a ballerina on the ice." - Max Aaron, on skating to Black Swan

"I hope to see Rafael Nadal playing tennis in Barcelona. He is my idol. I admire him for his sport and how he deals with people. I also play tennis but certainly not as well as he does." - Fernández, on his off-season plans

"[My rivals'] skating has not changed. It does not look any different. They are skating to the same pieces of music and style. Javi very much has that Charlie Chaplin style, which totally works for him. It is great, but I would love to see him do a classical piece. That is what I would do if I was in that position -- I would challenge myself.

"I want to see something exciting, and that is one of the reasons I want to come back." - Patrick Chan, on why he decided to return to competition

"When I was watching them, I felt like I was in a whole different world. I was enchanted and thought they expressed the emotions of pain and love -- whatever it is, the cheesy stuff -- but it really came out, and I felt that through a computer screen, so imagine that." - Chan, on watching Papadakis and Cizeron's free dance

"The dance floor was hopping -- that was the place to be. They can all move just fine." - Douglas Razzano, on the reception at Tanith Belbin and White's wedding

"By the fourth day, third session, I lost my mind for a bit. There was a point where I was gone, mentally. I was just running and head-butting Marissa when I wanted something." - Mervin Tran, on getting the choreography down for his and Marissa Castelli's Journey free skate

"The pushing of the technical limits is clearly forcing many good and talented young athletes, their coaches and parents to consider not continuing their skating since they are receiving no credit for good, solid skating style or achievements. … Many of today's young skaters would like to be rewarded for having good skating style, not in how they risk going beyond their capabilities. The overall result is clearly turning off the public and the media, as the programs are considered very predictable, repetitive and boring." - Sonia Bianchetti

"There is no joy anymore on the ice during the free programs. All the skaters look tense, fighting to stand up. Very few programs, even among the top world skaters, are flawless, and the number of falls is unbelievable." - Bianchetti

"When you put a story out there in the media, you hope that it's going to reach those people in the small towns and in the situations that my story really relates to. When someone comes up to you and gives you that vindication, it makes it so worth it. It lets me know that my story is actually making a difference." - Eric Radford, on deciding to come out

"Don't skate to get things; skate because you love to skate, and strive to be the absolute best you can be, in and out of the rink." - Razzano, in his retirement announcement

"He would make these half jokes to me, and sometimes I didn't know whether he was serious or not. The first time he spoke to me, he said, 'Chase, are you smart or are you stupid?' And I said, 'I'm smart,' but having said that to him, I had to follow through." - Chase Belmontes, on interacting with Alexei Mishin during the coach's visit to the World Arena

"The room is kept cold, and it involves blades. I thought, 'OK, I've been here before. This feels kind of natural.'" - Loren Galler Rabinowitz, on walking into an operating room for the first time

"I got two perfect men in my life at the same time." - Meagan Duhamel, on husband Bruno Marcotte and on-ice partner Radford

"I've earned titles in skating, and life has handed me a few, but now I can finally add 'supermodel' to that long list!" - Scott Hamilton, after walking the runway at the "Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care" fundraiser

"You just never know what anyone is capable of doing. Simon, with his Marge Simpson hair, he wasn't anyone who I would've said, 'He's going to be an Olympian one day.' But he kept showing up, and he kept doing his thing. He had great feet on the ice and was always stable.

"When he was losing it when he was about 15 and I tried to kick him out of the rink, he'd show up the next morning and skate like a madman to show me that he needed to be there. It has to be innate, and with Simon, it was innate." - Bobby Martin, on how Simon Shnapir exceeded the expectations he had for him

"It just sort of popped its head out of the water, said hello and then dove back in for a while." - Ryan Jahnke, on his first time landing a triple axel, and then not being able to land one for a long time afterward

"My parents had told me, before I started working on triple axel, that I could get a new computer when I landed it. The day before I'd been doing well, and I thought, maybe this is it. So when I woke up that day, I said to my mom, 'Remember that thing you said about the that still good?' And I went in and landed it on the second session. I was at that Apple store the next day." - Ross Miner

"At this point in my career, what everyone else does makes no difference to me. I'm 30 years old and on my last leg. You can throw Patrick Chan back in the mix and the junior kids in the mix. It's always going to be a tough crowd." - Jeremy Abbott

"If they slime me, I will be furious, because I am a lady, and I am 24 -- way too old to be slimed." - Wagner, on attending the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards

"I don't know too much about ice dancing. I let my mom handle all the technicalities, and I just scream and yell when the scores come up." - Keaton Aldridge, Alexandra Aldridge's brother

"I guess I prefer investing in my sport and my art, where it can actually make a difference, rather than in the stock market." - Stéphane Lambiel, on starting a skating school in Switzerland

"By the narrowest of margins, I survived." - Paul Wylie, on going into cardiac arrest

"She (Wylie's wife, Kate) said, 'Your heart stopped,' and the ambulance came and brought you here. I said, 'An ambulance? That's expensive!'" - Wylie, on getting taken to the hospital

"When Karen's feet are happy, then she's happy and she's gung-ho. I'd say, 'Are your feet happy? They are? OK.' Then we'd work for a while, and her feet weren't happy anymore." - Tammy Gambill on Karen Chen's boot problems

"The first thing people think when you say Phantom of the Opera is, 'Oh, give me a break. If I hear that again, I'm going to strangle myself.' We obviously considered that when we were choosing music. We kind of thought, 'Is Phantom a good idea?' And we decided yes, it is a good idea." - Tarah Kayne, on choosing Phantom of the Opera for her and Daniel O'Shea's free skate

"I sort of trust media as far as I can throw them, and at the same time, I am media. So, I live this very double standard in my life, but I love it. I'm totally aware of everything in my life that is ridiculous and doesn't make sense, but I wouldn't have it any other way." - Johnny Weir

"I spend most of my time alone on the ice. I don't work with choreographers or trainers at the moment, but I video everything that I do so that I can go back afterward and correct it and see what things look like. So Siri, I suppose, has been coaching me for the past year or so." - Weir, on using his phone to create programs

"We do not want to learn quad throws, because I do not want to throw my wife around and risk her health. I want her to have a baby one day." - Maxim Trankov, after the free skate at Nebelhorn Trophy

"My friends, for the past 20 years, they have always heard a 'No' from me. 'Will you come with us to the movies?' 'No, I have to train.' 'Will you go out with us?' 'No.' 'Do you actually celebrate your birthday?' 'No, I need to sleep.' It's just been like this forever. I felt like I wanted to get something back. - Carolina Kostner, on having a social life during her time away from competition

"When the bell rang and he said to me, 'If it's the doping control, I've put my whereabouts at home. Would you please tell them that I'm not here? Then I'll go home.' For me, there was no reason to doubt (him). He was the person I loved and trusted. I would have never thought that he would use me for other reasons. How do I say it? Now, of course, I've gone through this whole difficult time and I know better, but in that moment, if I would find myself in the same position again with the same knowledge, I don't know if I would act differently than I did that day. I had no reason to think differently. In fact, he went home and did the test that night. And he called me saying, 'I've done the test.' It was another reason for me not to believe anything else." - Kostner, on the doping incident involving then boyfriend Alex Schwazer

"I'm not immortal, nor do I want to be, but it's because everyone puts the importance where they think the importance is, and for me, it's [artistry]. It gives reason and sense to what I do. I love it. I love what I do. It has never been about just the counting and the medals. For me, it's just amazing to take the ice." - Kostner

"I think it's a scary proposition that Jason has put up the points he has, without the quad. All it is, is math. Put a quad in the short, and a quad or two in the long, and who the heck is going to be able to touch that?" - Kori Ade

"When I think of not coaching anymore…I think of what I might do. I'm not going to be Frank Carroll the coach anymore, and I will have to adjust to that. I'm too much like the Energizer Bunny. I'm not the kind of person who could just sit in front of the TV set." - Carroll

"That woman was absolutely amazing. She could get emotion out of a stone." - Carroll, on Michelle Kwan's ability to perform

"I always wanted to rock a bodysuit in competition. And any time I get the chance to wear purple lipstick, I'll take it." - Alexa Scimeca, on her short program costume

"I kind of almost forgot that I had done it. It was less about sexuality and more about accepting who you are and knowing that, no matter what you're dealing with, you have friends and people who are going to support you." - Rippon, on coming out to SKATING

"Those guys are like twigs compared to me." - Chan, on losing weight in order to stay competitive with Yuzuru Hanyu and Fernández

"I was joking with Ashley [Wagner] about them, and then I decided to buy them. Who wouldn't want to wake up next to Ryan Gosling?" - Castelli, on the lifesize Ryan Gosling pillow cases she purchased online

"I remember thinking one specific coherent thought before my first triple axel: that I was at the crossroads of my career. I remember thinking, 'I'm going to change it, and it starts right here.' After I did the axel combo, there was no more coherent thought…I was kind of in a trance." - Timothy Dolensky, on his free skate at Skate Canada

"If you break down just before the long program, everybody will tell you that you're dead, forget it. I did the opposite -- I broke down the barrier there." - Patrick Chan, on pushing through his emotions before his free skate at Skate Canada

"When I did Sleeping Beauty in 2013-14, people thought it was very nice to watch, but they also thought I was a cold and unfriendly person. Some media suggested that I looked mean. Then, each time I would meet a journalist, he would tell me, 'It's so nice to meet you. We thought you were a cold person!' They used to talk about me as the 'ice princess.' Someone came up with an image to explain the idea: It's like watching a screensaver on your computer instead of a movie. It's something nice to watch, but it does not move you. I thought that was an interesting image." - Gracie Gold

"You never regret being kind or generous or compassionate. ... An artist at the very root is generous. They have something they want to show the world. It's not just ego." - Gold

"You don't create magic by playing it safe!" - Madison Hubbell, on her and Zach Donohue's new training environment in Montreal

"We continued the day as if it was a normal day, but there was nothing normal about it. None of us had our minds on the skating." - Gold, on the feeling at Trophée Bompard the day after the Paris terrorist attacks

"We're going to try to take advantage of [the beautiful weather]. We'll go to the tourist office. We're not going to let sadness win." - Julianne Séguin, on enjoying Bordeaux in the wake of the terrorist attacks

"In a way it works, and in a way it doesn't at all." - Wagner, on her relationship with Eddy Alvarez

"We'd kill each other. It wouldn't be pretty." - Alvarez, on what would happen if he and Wagner skated pairs together

"If it does, it will be by him." - Brian Orser, on whether the record score Hanyu posted at the NHK Trophy would ever be broken. (He broke it two weeks later at the Grand Prix Final.)

"We kind of joked we were complete opposites. I'd come in with my clothes ironed and ready to go and he'd come in with the clothes he found in the corner. But our dynamics on the ice couldn't have been better. We were so opposite, but we had mutual respect for each other. He brought a sense of calmness to my personality, and I brought maybe a bit of excitement to his. We loved skating together. I'll never forget those years." - Christine Fowler-Binder, on her partnership with Garrett Swasey

"Any time we see a skater older than Chris, we point it out to him." - Scimeca, on partner/fiancé Chris Knierim's advanced age as a competitor

"If I had a dream, I would dream of my free program with only quad jumps or triple axels, and no other triples at all." - Boyang Jin, after his short program at the Grand Prix Final

"As a coach, you need to plan the future of your athletes. Why do you see young kids beat more senior skaters? Because the older skaters don't progress as fast as skating does. It's like if you had a backpack that would get heavier and heavier along your path. When your backpack becomes too heavy, you can't carry it anymore, and you have to quit competition. That's what makes the difference: If you have a good backpack, on the contrary, you can skate a very long time and stay on the top. You become a Michelle Kwan or a Evgeni Plushenko. Otherwise, you'll have to take some of the load away, if you want to keep improving." - Arutunian

"It's hard also to change the judges' minds on your skating. They see us skate season after season, and they don't see us change. It's just like when you see your friend growing: If you see him every day, you don't see him grow. When you see an earlier picture of him, that's when you notice he has grown!" - Fernández, on getting judges to recognize his improvements

"Skating is a very personal and emotional sport for me, and that makes me vulnerable under pressure. I am so in tune with my emotions, and I'm so present with my skating, that it opens me up to the nerves and the fear that I experience. I'm 24 and still learning." - Wagner, after her short program at the Grand Prix Final

"Tomorrow is another day, but I'm also getting sick of saying that tomorrow is another day!" - Wagner, following her short program at the Grand Prix Final

"We're the happiest persons on earth tonight." - Team Paradise captain Daria Rakhavalskaia, on winning the first synchronized event at a Grand Prix Final

"I feel like my skating these past couple of years has been kind of like a business that's under construction, and the owners put up a sign that says something along the lines of, 'Please pardon our mess. We're making improvements.'" - Courtney Hicks