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Yanovskaia, Mozgov ready for jump to senior ranks

2015 world junior champions reap benefits of fourth season on junior circuit
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Anna Yanovskaia and Sergei Mozgov took gold medals at all five of their competitions in 2014-15, highlighted by a victory at the world junior championships. -Getty Images

Anna Yanovskaia and Sergei Mozgov, the 2015 world junior ice dance champions from Russia, didn't rush to make the jump to the senior ranks.

As time has shown, it was a pretty smart move.

After the 2013-14 season, in which the couple won four gold medals and two silvers, many expected the Russians to take the next step. The duo opted, instead, to stay in juniors for another season.

Yanovskaia and Mozgov were well aware that modern ice dancing is a very demanding skating discipline. They decided it was better to wait another season and work on improving technically. And, of course, they had one more medal to earn: gold at the world junior championships.

Before taking the world junior crown, Yanovskaia and Mozgov won two Junior Grand Prix (JGP) events and also won their second consecutive JGP Final. They also took gold at the 2015 Russian Junior Championships.

Icenetwork talked with Yanovskaia about last year's success, preparing to compete as seniors, the team's new programs and her expectations for the season.

Icenetwork: You and Sergei won the silver at the JGP Final in your first season together. How did you manage to achieve such great success in such a short time?

Yanovskaia: The idea for us to become a couple came from all three of our coaches: Elena Kustarova, Svetlana Alexeeva and Olga Riabinina. A huge, titanic work has been done during the creation of our team. We worked really hard on all the complex technical elements of ice dancing as well as on skating skills, and I think probably that is why we had such a success in the 2011-2012 season.

Icenetwork: You and your partner seem to have a very deep understanding of each each during your performances.

Yanovskaia: Sergei and I feel very comfortable together, and we understand each other, just at a glance.

Icenetwork: Many expected you to jump to seniors last season. Why did you opt to stay at the junior level?

Yanovskaia: Our coaching staff decided that we should gain experience gradually -- becoming stronger, more experienced, skillful and tempered. Therefore, moving to the senior level in 2013-14 was not even a matter of discussion.

And, of course, we also wanted to win the 2015 World Junior Championships. We did it and are very glad about that achievement.

Icenetwork: Last season you won all of your competitions. Can you share some of the more memorable moments and emotions from that run?

Yanovskaia: We had so many positive emotions after our win in Tallinn (at junior worlds)! We achieved the main goal that we set for ourselves for the season and reached the highest level in junior ice dancing.

Icenetwork: Tell us about your preparation for the new season and about your new programs.

Yanovskaya: We began our preparation at the very beginning of June with training camps in Latvia. Now, we're training at our domestic ice rink in Medvedkovo (Moscow region).

We have prepared new strong programs that require not only very good physical conditioning, but also improvements in all aspects of our performance, as well as technical elements of the highest level.

Our new short dance is set to Eugen Doga's "My Sweet and Tender Beast," which was choreographed by Ludmila Vlasova. All our coaches also took part in the creation of that performance.

For our free dance, we decided to take music from the The Great Gatsby soundtrack. We were very inspired after watching a modern ballet version of it created by famous American choreographer Dwight Rhoden. Through this program, we want to show love in all of its manifestations -- the one that rules destinies and is beyond human understanding.

We are very happy with both of our programs and we feel very comfortable with them.

Icenetwork: What are your goals for your upcoming assignments?

Yanovskaia: Our season will begin with Skate America, and we will then compete at Trophée Eric Bompard.

Our main goal is to convey to the judges and audience our new programs, their main ideas and emotions. We also want to represent our country well at all major competitions.