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The Inside Edge: Best dressed from U.S. Champs

From Olympic champs to junior competitors, runway-ready looks abounded
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"Most outrageous hair" winner Johnny Weir wore a 1920s-style 'do on Saturday. -Sarah S. Brannen

The Great Blizzard of 2015 wreaked havoc on the departures from the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. With many flights to the Northeast canceled, people had to scramble to get home. Sarah was able to change her flight and leave Sunday, which, sadly, meant she missed the senior men's free skate. One fan we know was stuck in Greenboro until Wednesday, and one skater didn't get out until Tuesday. At least one New Yorker caught a train to New York City in the wee hours of Monday morning. One official opted to rent a car and drive all the way back to New Jersey. We hope everyone is now home safely!

Before we get to the fashion, we do want to express our sorrow at the passing of the brilliantly innovative skater and painter, Toller Cranston, who died last Saturday. Sarah met him once at the world championships and had a nice conversation about painting, from artist to another.

We noted that more than one person paid tribute to Cranston by wearing eye-catching garb Saturday in Greensboro. Coach Doug Mattis wore a burgundy velvet blazer in Cranston's honor, writing on Facebook:

"I shall be wearing the burgundy crushed velvet jacket for the Championship Men's event in honor of Toller Cranston, who once told me, 'Sometimes, Douglas darling... less is more. But usually...MORE is MORE!'"

The 2015 U.S. Championships Best-Dressed List

Perhaps it was the mild weather, or the reviving economy, but people looked good in Greensboro. On international ice, red was as much the color of the season as it was on the red carpets this winter. U.S. skaters had more color range, apart from the short dance. As Brian Boitano said, lots of red and black and ruffles...must be paso.

Best dressed on ice

Pairs: Marissa Castelli and Mervin Tran, for their Prussian blue free skate costumes. Funnily, they were not created by the same designer. Each skater used a longtime seamstress, in Boston and Montreal, respectively. Somehow, it worked. Castelli's dark burgundy lipstick worked too; she told us she was inspired by Madison Chock's look and liked the drama for their tango program.

Men: Going in a different direction, we liked two costumes that really were costumes. Shotaro Omori wore a classic ballet-inspired costume, by Jan Longmire, for his Scheherazade program. Alex Johnson's Sweeney Todd costume, by Susi Hubbs, was pure musical theater, with very interesting subtle details and colors and impeccable tailoring.

Omori also wins the Drew Meekins Award for best use of purple by a man.

Dance: We wavered between two opposites: Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker's lavender and mauve costumes, delicate and pretty with lovely details on Hawayek's dress. Their designers are Nina of Seattle, Stephanie Miller and Luanne Williams. On the other hand, Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue's black hip-hop costumes, designed by Susan Hubbell, were just sexy enough, with elegant gold details. We give it to Hawayek and Baker by a hair. Make it so.

Ladies: Mirai Nagasu clearly wins this category. Her Pat Pearsall-made Madame Butterfly dress, with a delicate crystal butterfly pattern, was exquisite in person.

Honorable mention: Angela Wang's black and crystal short program dress. Rachael Flatt participated in the design as well as the choreographing of the program. Elegant, simple and strong.

Best dressed off ice

Best-dressed under 14: Andrew Torgashev. The Torganator looked equally put together on the ice and off, in his dark suit with an open-necked shirt.

Best-dressed official: Doug Williams, for his black leather Valentino trench coat. Shawn Rettstatt, who would otherwise have been a contender, took himself out of the running. Here's what he told us:

"I know, I'm sorry, I haven't been on my game this week," he said. "But I'm on the panel, so I have to dress more conservatively this year. Last year I could do what I wanted. It's fine, I know that Doug's going to win this year."

Most outrageous hair: Johnny Weir. We can't imagine how much time he puts into his 'do. Every day, something different: flapper crimped waves, a pointy pompadour, a Grinch-like carved tube. Weir likes to be outrageous. Mission accomplished.

Best accessories: This category also goes to Weir, for the beautiful bow tie he wore on camera during NBC's coverage. The bow tie was designed by former figure skater Chynna Pope of Beacon Hill Bowtie Club and had one side made of white feathers and the other of silver sequins. Gorgeous, and we're pretty sure Weir is also made of feathers and sequins.

Best nails: Dalilah Sappenfield was golden (and pewter!) in the senior pairs event. However, when it came to her nails, she was silver. Sappenfield wins this catagory with a beautiful and modern French manicure, featuring silver and black streaks and tiny crystals.

Best fur: Adrienne Lenda. In a category normally dominated by Russians (or Weir), Lenda ran away with this one in a gorgeous chocolate brown three-quarter-length coat.

Best-dressed coaches, male and female: Bobby Martin and Carrie Wall. This coaching team took it to the next level in Greensboro. Wall looked unbelievably chic in various Ann Taylor dresses, simple and smart, and Chanel shoes. Martin had never worn a tie to the U.S. championships before, but he made up for it, looking most distinguished in a dark three-piece suit with an ecru-checked shirt and matching tie.

Best-dressed: This award goes straight to the glorious Meryl Davis. We saw her, over and over, looking like a goddess every time. She is incomparable. And she has the best hair, too.

That being said, we are also giving a new, special award, "Best-dressed BFFs," to Ashley Wagner and Adam Rippon. Wagner was chic-all-week in bold colors, and Rippon looked dapper in various dark blazers complete with lovely bright pocket squares.

Check out the gallery for photos of some of the looks we talked about. We finish our coverage of this year's championships with a few photos taken after people finished their programs -- one of the most exciting and emotional moments of every event.

We hope you enjoyed the championships as much as we did.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah and Drew

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