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The Inside Edge: Skaters indulge in doughnut spree

Youngsters take in senior events; Weir, Lipinski fashionable as always
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Jimmy Morgan (left) and Chase Belmontes, prior to attacking the Krispy Kremes. -Sarah S. Brannen

All the senior ice dancers were out and about Saturday morning, getting ready to go over to the arena and...get ready. A cheerful chat with Maia Shibutani is always a nice way to start the day. In the gym, Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker were demonstrating synchronized foam roller texting, a particular figure skating skill involving lying on the roller and supporting yourself on your forearms while texting.

Sweet treats

After the first group of pairs, the skaters who finished competing were all milling around the concourse looking for their families. And doughnuts, of course. Jimmy Morgan and junior men's competitor Chase Belmontes were about to go for some Krispy Kremes.

"I've had 21 so far," Belmontes said. "After my short program, I was so disappointed in my score [and] I rolled my costume into a ball and threw it away -- for about 30 minutes. Then I was like, 'That's a stupid idea,' and I fished it out. Then I ate eight Krispy Kreme doughnuts."

Morgan competed with his left hand heavily wrapped. He told us that he had fallen in the short program warm-up and hurt it.

"I hit a rut," he said. "Somebody had been doing a lot of triple Salchows or something. I can't believe it happened."

As we have reported before, Morgan's partner, Alexandria Shaughnessy, recently recovered from a broken jaw, which she sustained last August. Morgan said his injury hasn't been diagnosed yet but that's it's painful.

"We couldn't practice our twist yesterday," he said.

We do wish this team better luck next season.

After the pairs event was over, Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim were gathered with their families, bubbling over with happiness and excitement. Scimeca stage-managed the photos, first with her family, then with Knierim's, and plenty of fans as well. She was almost giddy with delight.


We saw newly crowned junior dance champion Quinn Carpenter on his way in to watch the senior event, accompanied by his mother. Carpenter said it was nice to be done, and to be able to relax and watch; on the other hand, he likes to watch the senior pairs for possible tips.

"I do watch," he said. "I might look at arm positions, turns, lots of things."

Carpenter said that he and partner Lorraine McNamara are yet undecided as to whether they will move up to senior next season.

Junior men's champion Andrew Torgashev was in the arena too. The diminutive 13-year-old looked sharp in a nice suit.


Rockne Brubaker flew in Friday for the Hall of Fame ceremony, to honor David Santee in particular. He said he is OK watching the pairs competition from the stands.

"I'll probably always love competing, but I've moved on," he said.

Brubaker is moving on to a new phase in his personal life too, as he and Stefania Berton will marry June 5. When he talked about it, his face lit up with happiness. Cheers to the couple!


We watched some of the men's short program Friday with junior dancer Joe Johnson. He said that when he is out in the middle of the ice, he is not even aware of the crowd and the big arena.

"It's like there's a wall," he said. "There's no one there except you and the judges."

There is a large group of people in the stands today wearing red T-shirts that say "Team Carrow 60" on the backs. This is in honor of event chairman Hill Barlow, whose birthday is Jan. 24. There will be a big party Saturday night.


We hope you've seen Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir at the NBC commentary table, wearing matching glittery bedazzled headsets. Even the cords have rhinestones running down them.

Weir was spotted by fans on the way to the elevator and was soon surrounded by an admiring circle of autograph seekers, including John Coughlin. Well, Coughlin was just encouraging one of his young students to pose for a picture with Weir.

As for what Weir was wearing, it's difficult to describe. A sort of bejeweled sleeping bag, by a Japanese designer, over leather leggings. Have a look at the photos and decide for yourself!

Our Olympic champion count remains at nine.

Time for the ladies! Enjoy.

Sarah and Drew

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