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The Inside Edge: Wylie taking in Greensboro magic

Fans excited to see White on ICE Desk; Many best-dressed nominees
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Paul Wylie, seen here posing with young fan Katie Shapiro, has had a busy week serving as honorary chairman of the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. -Sarah S. Brannen

We rode the bus to the senior pairs short program Thursday with Polina Edmunds, Edmunds' mom, coach David Glynn and choreographer Rudy Galindo. Edmunds was on her way to the senior ladies warm-up, but she had driving on her mind.

Edmunds recently got her driver's license, and we all compared notes on our driver's tests. She told us that she didn't have to parallel park. Lucky girl.

We asked what the first place she went was, and she said she drove herself to dance class that night. She hasn't really had a chance to go anywhere yet, what with preparing for the championships.

The Chairman

Paul Wylie is the honorary chairman of the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships this week, and he's everywhere -- even on skates. We found him on the concourse after the junior men's free skate and asked Wylie for his highlights of the event so far. He was miffed that he had missed the gold medalist's performance.

"Aside from missing Andrew Torgashev -- I just can't keep on schedule -- I think the highlight was seeing Ashley fight like that last night," he said. "I did enjoy skating in the opening ceremony with all the local skaters."

A little further down the way, coach Doug Mattis was feeling flabbergasted by the superb quality of the junior men's event.

"That was by far the best junior men's final group I've ever seen," he said. "Every one has great personality, skating, beautiful edges and great jumps. That was so much fun to watch! I'm not sure we're going to see another six consecutive performances that good in senior men."

We loved seeing Torgashev lift a stuffed rabbit into the air in triumph when his high, but completely deserved, score flashed on the screen.

Boston 2016

We passed by the 2016 World Championships booth and spotted Marissa Castelli, almost invisible behind a placard (she's tiny). She nominated her roommmate, Madison Chock, for the best-dressed list, also mentioning Ashley Wagner, who she said is in the next room.

"I consider them both my roommates," she said.

Castelli and partner Mervin Tran have their sights set on the 2016 worlds, since they aren't eligible to compete this season.

"I loved nationals in Boston so much, and worlds would be amazing," the Boston girl said.

Castelli went on to say that although she likes living and training in Montreal, she misses Boston a lot.

She also said that Tran is a very funny guy.

"He's a goofball," she confided. "He cracked me up a couple of times in the warm-up yesterday. He likes to sing everyone's music. I have to constantly remind him to focus. He's hysterical."

It's Charlie!

Sitting together watching the senior ladies short program were Chock and Evan Bates, Ben Agosto and Meryl Davis. They were later joined by Brian Boitano and Linda Leaver.

The same group was all watching the ICE Desk earlier, until all the little girls who had skated in the opening ceremony walked by. Loud screams of "Oh my god, it's Charlie!" drowned out the expert commentary and, since we couldn't hear anything over the shrieking, we drifted away.

Davis is already in the running for best-dressed -- she has been looking particularly lovely this week. Last night, in a pieced white skirt, pink sweater and taupe lacy boots, with her hair in a casual up-do, she looked like a goddess.

We hear that Adam Rippon has been extremely stylish this week, wearing elegant suits and pocket squares. Nothing would make us happier than to see him make the best-dressed list, so we hope to see him soon.

Olympic champion sightings so far: 9. Sarah Hughes was in the audience for the ladies short program Thursday night, and, of course, Tara Lipinski is here, working for NBC with Johnny Weir and Terry Gannon.

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