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Final word: Best quotes from the Grand Prix Final

We look back at the most memorable things said by skaters, coaches
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After improving from sixth to third in the free skate, Ashley Wagner got off one of the best quotes of the Grand Prix Final: "The great thing, when you're last, is that it can only go back up." -Getty Images

The 2014 Grand Prix Final has been as passionate as the Spanish people who organized it. While closing out this report, icenetwork thought that you, the readers, might enjoy a few of the best quotes from the skaters and coaches who took part in it. Some you may already have read; some have not been published yet. Some are insightful; others are funny. At a time when most countries are preparing for their national championships (some of which are taking place this coming week), it seemed appropriate to give a final nod to some of the best athletes and artists in the world. Their words prove that they have talent -- not only as they skate, but also as they talk. The best athletes are also great people. Thanks to all!

"Why should you pretend that you are an adult anyway? In five years, you will be one forever. You are going to stay an adult all the rest of your life. You should be what you are."
-- Eteri Tubteridze, coach of Julia Lipnitskaia, Evgenia Medvedeva and Serafima Sakhanovich, about the style of her pupils

"Figure skating started in Europe and in America more than 100 years ago. China started so much later. So we have so much hard work to do, and we have to run so fast to catch up!"
-- Bin Yao, coach of the three Chinese pairs

"I usually watch them at home on the screen of my little computer. Here, walking past them, is like, 'Whoa, are you real?'"
-- Chelsea Liu, from the U.S., about watching the senior pairs

"If you follow this practice schedule, trust me, you'll be fine for the Final!"
-- Brian Orser to Yuzuru Hanyu, 10 days before the Final, which Hanyu won. Well done, masters!

"He deserves to be here with the other guys. I can't imagine him staying home."
-- Orser, about Hanyu's choice to go to the NHK Trophy in order to qualify for the Final

"The future (of figure skating) in Spain is all on his shoulders. He knows that he holds a huge responsibility. But don't tell him before the competition is over, please!"
-- Orser, about the pressure heaped on Javier Fernández' shoulders. Well, we can let him know now!

"We came to be on the podium, and beat our season's best in the free program."
-- Meagan Duhamel, just after the short program. She and partner Eric Radford achieved more: a personal best and first place overall!

"We feel very settled now -- not just with our skating but with our lives. This changes the way we approach our skating."
-- Duhamel, explaining that she and Radford may have found the right formula and balance. For sure, it worked well in Barcelona!

"It was like when you hit a wall. I had never seen this before, and 'Poiiing.'"
-- Fernández, slamming his nose on his hand, about skating in front of his home crowd for the first time of his life

"When you don't want to do something, that's when you do it. I was afraid to fail, and I failed."
-- Fernández, after his fifth-place short program

"The great thing, when you're last, is that it can only go back up. This time, I had nothing to lose, so I skated calm and I did not cheat my jumps, as I may do when I am under pressure."
-- Ashley Wagner, about her free skate

"It's good to feel like a real competitor again!"
-- Wagner, coming off the ice after her free skate

"Creating the magic owes nothing to magic itself. It's something you need inside of you that creates it. You need to be one: one with your partner, one with your music, one with your audience, one with your judges, one with the ice. That leads [to] a performance [that] give[s] emotions to everybody. That's what creates the magic."
-- Gabriella Papadakis, after her and Guillaume Cizeron's third-place free dance

"Everything is felt in our program. Nothing is fake."
-- Papadakis

"No comment."
-- Maxim Kovtun, after his free skate

"Some will argue that [the] paso doble is violent. We feel that we can utilize the passion of the dance from within us. We want to bring our own story, and find the nuance, the vulnerability in our own lives to push our limits."
-- Andrew Poje, after his and Kaitlyn Weaver's short dance

"I'm doing what I love most. Given the situation, what else can I do? So I enjoy doing what I love most and what I have deep in my heart."
-- Elena Ilinykh, about coming back with a different partner

"This is not suntan -- this is red wine!"
-- Alexei Mishin, about his sun tan. One more Mishinism to add to his collection!

"Men are running behind! As always…"
-- Lipnitskaia, about the strength of Russian figure skating (at least in pairs, dance and ladies)

"We work together as one, and that creates the speed. The passion can be drawn from our connection. Our best programs have been the ones where we felt the most connected, and when the rest of the world disappeared."
-- Weaver and Poje, about the speed and passion they displayed in their free dance