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Stiegler celebrates family in tropical wedding

Former U.S. pairs, dance competitor says 'I do' with a flourish
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Newlyweds Tiffany Stiegler (second from right) and Woody Stahl (right) are joined by Tiffany's brother, Johnnie (left), and her sister, Stephanie. -Sara Richardson

From the beautiful scenery in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to the self-penned vows to the love in the air, Tiffany Stiegler's June 28 wedding to Joseph ("Woody") Woodrow Stahl couldn't have been more perfect. As if all that wasn't enough, Stiegler, 30, even gave an impromptu homage to her skating past with her brother Johnnie, 32, with whom she won U.S. novice and junior pairs titles and two senior pewter medals.

"We had just sat down and no one was dancing yet," Tiffany said. "My cousins -- a brother and sister -- were dancing. We were clapping. I said, 'OK, now it's another brother and sister. Come on, Johnnie, you better come dance with me.'

"We were starting to dance and next thing you know someone says, 'Lift!' I looked at Johnnie and said, 'Platter.'

"We had not even rehearsed it. We had no idea we were going to do it. It was the most exciting thing for me," she added. "I couldn't believe we did it."

There is video of the moment, in which she hits a perfect position in the air and they finish with a bow.

Tiffany and older sister Stephanie, 34, a U.S. junior pairs champion and two-time senior bronze medalist, coach together at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, California, not far from Manhattan Beach, where the entire family lives.

"It was so amazing we chose to do the destination wedding because it gave our families time together," Tiffany said. "It was five days of really getting to know one another in the most beautiful surroundings. By the time the wedding happened, everyone was so comfortable and it was such a celebration of us.

"It was perfect," she added. "I wouldn't change a single thing."

During their careers, the Stieglers trained at the Ice Castle International Training Center in Lake Arrowhead, California. Woody was a high school classmate of Johnnie's, and when he moved to Los Angeles, the two were roommates. Four years ago, Tiffany and Woody hit it off and started dating. He proposed last year atop a glacier in Whistler, British Columbia.

Sixty people attended the wedding. Tiffany had 10 bridesmaids, including Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen. Woody, 32, had 10 groomsmen, Johnnie being one. Stephanie was maid of honor.

The newlyweds wrote their own vows.

"We wanted something more spiritual," Tiffany said. "We wanted something simple that reflected our vows. It was really amazing to see everyone crying."

For the ceremony, Tiffany wore a glamorous, plunging back dress by designer Katie May. The couple's first dance was to "Sail Away" by David Gray, fitting for a wedding by the ocean.

Tiffany said Woody, who works in commercial real estate, is very understanding of her unorthodox schedule; he doesn't ever complain about her 4:15 a.m. daily wakeups to go to the rink. He does, however, joke that she never makes him breakfast.

"We respect one another so much, and we truly are the ultimate team," she said. "I've never been so loved in my life as I am with Woody."

The couple will wait until the winter to go on their honeymoon, which they'll probably spend snowboarding in Europe.

A couple of days after the wedding, it was back to the rink, where Tiffany and Stephanie are building the next generation of competitors.

"I love teaching so much," Tiffany said. "I put my passion for skating into our students."