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Icenetwork introduces the 'It's Your Move' contest

Vote to determine which is the most iconic signature move in history
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Is one of these moves the most iconic in figure skating history? -Getty Images

Sasha Cohen showing off her impossible flexibility in her patented "I" spin. Mao Asada revolving three-and-a-half times in the air and landing her signature triple Axel. Michelle Kwan effortlessly gliding across the ice in her trademark spiral position.

Those images are burned in our memories, and will be revered for years to come ... but does one of them stand out as the most indelible in the annals of skating? Or is it another one? The choice is yours.

We've gathered more than 50 of the most recognizable moves from throughout the years, complete with images and video links. Now, through our random matchup generator, you have the chance to determine which one is the most iconic in figure skating history by voting in our "It's Your Move" contest.

The first round of voting will last until Monday, June 9, at which point we'll pare the field down to the top 10 moves. After another week of voting, the winner will be determined.

We've done all the legwork. Now, it's your move!