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The Inside Edge: Wrapping things up from Boston

Castelli, Shnapir overjoyed by result; Bommentre leads tailgating charge
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A group of ice dancers watching the Olympic team announcement on icenetwork. -Sarah S. Brannen

Lobby scene

The hotel lobby is always the place to be after a ladies free skate. Saturday night, it was the usual scene of deafening excitement, complete with champions and brand new Olympic team members.

Two-time U.S. champion Marissa Castelli lit up the room wherever she went, dressed cute casual in purple and black (more about purple in the best-dressed list; look for it early next week). Tall boys and Team USA members Simon Shnapir and Evan Bates leapt into a long, happy hug.

"It still hasn't sunk in," said Shnapir, about winning his second U.S. title and going to Sochi. "Maybe in a couple of days."

Madison Chock looked every bit the Olympic diva in black. No sign of Meryl Davis and Charlie White -- they may still have been signing autographs at the arena. There was a huge line waiting to talk to the golden couple in person Saturday, and it never seemed to get any shorter.

John Kerr, his sister Sinead and fiancée Nadine Ahmed were usually at the center of a lively group. Jamie Wright, a senior men's competitor from Scotland, was with them and the three had a nice little Scottish summit. (If there's anyone else from Scotland at the event, tweet us @SarahandDrew.)

"Don't ever lose your accent," Sinead advised Wright. "Americans love it."

Also in the crowd: a smiling and good sport John Coughlin, Kristi Yamguchi, Ryan Bradley, Timmy Goebel, Alex Johnson, DeeDee Leng and Tim LeDuc, Michael Buckley, the Boys Who Score, Pasquale Camerlengo and a million other people.

Designer Brad Griffies, in one of several pairs of fabulous Laboutins, designed Gracie Gold's free skate dress.

"I designed some dresses for her in previous years," he said. "They came to me about three weeks ago and asked me to do a new free skate dress for Gracie. I did two: a purple one and the blue one she wore tonight. I didn't know which one it would be until she came out onto the ice."

Rachael Flatt was everywhere, looking lovely in a chic Little Black Dress and New York boots.

"Since I'm retiring, I wanted to dress up," she said.

We ran into Flatt in the elevator early Sunday morning, still looking awfully good.

"I'm used to managing with very little sleep," explained the pre-med student.

Also up and looking very put-together was Charlie White's mom, Jacqui, with Charlie and Tanith Belbin's little dog, DJ, on a leash, and Alex Shibutani and Bates, hurrying to catch the bus for the Olympic team announcement.

At noon, a big group of senior skaters huddled around a laptop playing the live announcement of the Olympic team on icenetwork. Lots of "Ohs" and "Ahs" greeted the news of who was named to the team.


We saw a familiar face on the concourse between events Saturday: Young Artists' Showcase (YAS) winner, Austrian choreographer and show skater Zabato Bebe. He was here on his third visit to the U.S., his second being for the YAS final.

"I just suddenly decided to come," he said.

We asked what he thought of the skating so far, from a choreographic point of view.

"Jason [Brown] stands out," he said. "You can tell Rohene is a show skater. Jason has all these little nuances. I loved it. There are a lot of skaters here I'd love to work with. The ladies are so thrilling; anything can happen."


Ice Theatre of New York cast members Brent Bommentre and Kim Navarro, as well as Eve Chalom, have been here all week, taking in the event and seeing old friends.

"Next week, we go to Arkansas for six shows, and then that part of the journey is over," Bommentre said. "Then Lake Placid after that."

Bommentre started a Facebook group last week on the premise that what figure skating needs is more tailgating, and after we chatted, he headed off for just that with a group of skating folk at Ducali, in the North End near the TD Garden.

Final tally

Olympic champion sightings: 12. Dorothy Hamill and Dick Button were sitting near us during the ladies event, and we saw Carol Heiss Jenkins and Hayes Jenkins walking out afterward, and Tenley Albright in the stands.

Michelle Kwan sightings: Too many to count, since she was working in the media area right in front of us all day.

What a week! There were so many dramatic, wonderful and thrilling moments, along with the inevitable heartbreaks. We'll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday with the 2014 U.S. Championships best-dressed list! Please tweet your thoughts and suggestions for both on-ice fashion and off to @SarahandDrew.