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The Inside Edge: Wagner to dress up in Detroit

Fire breaks out at Southwesterns; 'EWC' takes on party vibe
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Braden Overett embraces "Angelina" backstage at 'An Evening with Champions.' -Sarah S. Brannen


Ashley Wagner has staked out a lot of territory on the best-dressed list over the last two years, so we were eager to see the new costume for her Romeo and Juliet free skate. At the Japan Open, it was a mango baby-doll cut with gold Renaissance-style embroidery on the bodice. Wagner tweeted that the dress was a work in progress, so we asked her where it would be going.

"I'm trying out a couple of different things to see what I like best," she said. "I wanted something that was very romantic and something similar to what they did in the ballet, with empire waists and really light, flowy dresses. I wanted to adjust a couple of things from Japan Open to see if I could really be sold on it. I liked the overall look, [but] it doesn't have as much body as a typical skating costume."

Wagner said she would be playing with different cuts and possibly different colors. We can't wait to see what she wears at Skate America.


A practice session at the Southwestern Regional Championships was interrupted Saturday night when the apartment complex under construction near the Polar Ice House in Grapevine, Texas, caught fire. Drew was at the boards coaching when it happened. The rink was evacuated, due to fears of a power shutdown, and the skaters and coaches emerged to see enormous flames just across the street.

According to the Dallas Morning News, 75 firefighters fought the five-alarm blaze. There were no reports of serious injuries. The competition resumed as normal Sunday morning.


Tiffany Vise and Don Baldwin, who have been living and coaching in Scottsdale, Ariz., are moving to San Diego in two weeks.

"Donny is going to work with his brother and dad at their family car dealership, and I'm going to teach in La Jolla," Vise told us. "We will be doing some 'glice' shows over the holidays. We both still miss competing."


Each year the vibe at An Evening with Champions is a little different. This year the receptions definitely had a party feel; everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Rachael Flatt has let her hair grow out, and it looked lovely, in cascading blond waves.

"I really missed having long hair," she said. "It's nice to have some length to work with again. This summer, I was inside all the time -- I was training and coaching -- and in the OR observing surgeries, so I finally had a couple of weeks to get outside and work on my hair and my tan. My hair really lightened up. It's nice to be a SoCal girl again."

On Sunday, the goodies at the reception included a chocolate fountain. Josh Farris made a beeline for it, saying, "That wouldn't happen to be dairy free, would it?"

Of course it wasn't, and his face fell. You all know by now that Farris has an extreme allergy to dairy products.

Kimmie Meissner has a little over a year left of college at Towson University, where she is taking writing courses and working on the staff of the literary journal.

"I'd love to write a novel," she mentioned, "But I really love poetry. The workshops are brutal, though."

Harvard freshman Harrison Choate just walked across the river to the show from his dorm in Harvard yard.

"School is going really well!" he said. "I can see why everyone loves this place so much."

Anastasia Cannuscio has a baking blog called "Iced Everything." Maple cinnamon glazed pumpkin scones, yum.

Nathan Chen was at the show with his mother and two older sisters, both of whom are much, much older.

"One of my sisters is working here at Harvard right now," he said. "The other one is working at Lucky Magazine in New York, so she just took a bus up here. They're 23 and 25, I think."

Shawn Sawyer is in the process of moving. He coaches and does choreography every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and when he gets home, he paints.

"That's when I do my best work, late at night," he said.

Sawyer says he has about 300 paintings, and that his last show nearly sold out.

And one last thing: Braden Overett named his skating "partner" Angelina.

Enjoy regionals and Skate America, and good luck to all!

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