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System Requirements

Before purchasing any multimedia products on, please review our System Requirements.

  1. Site Requirements
  2. Media Player Requirements
  3. Download Center

1. Site Requirements

The site runs in most modern browsers for most modern operating systems. However, some features may be limited or unavailable if you are running from configuration that is not recommended. The following profiles are recommended for the optimal browsing experience.

Windows Recommended Profile:

Operating System Processor RAM Connectivity Browsers Plug-ins
Windows XP
(Home, Professional, or Media Center Edition)
At least 500Mhz
Intel Pentium/Celeron,
AMD K6/Athlon/Duron
or compatible
256MB or more Broadband (cable/DSL/T-1) Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox 3 Flash Player 9 or above

Macintosh Recommended Profile:

Operating System Processor RAM Connectivity Browsers Plug-ins
Mac OS X 10.3 or above PowerPC G4, G5, or Intel
(700mhz & up)
512MB or more Broadband (cable/DSL/T-1) Media Player: Mozilla 1.x (Firefox 1.0.7), Browsing: Safari 1.3 / Mozilla 1.x Flash Player 97 or above

All versions of Internet Explorer on Macintosh are not supported. Mac Safari browser users will experience slowness for portions of the site that utilize plug-in technology such as Windows Media Player or Flash Player. This slowness is not specific to but to all websites that use plug-in technologies.

AOL Users:
AOL 9 is also supported. However, please note that running AOL environment consumes a substantial amount of the computer's memory and processor. This may cause occasional slowness, even on broadband connectivity. Slower or older computers are more prone to experience slowless on AOL. does not support AOL versions older than 9.

Other General Settings:

  • JavaScript turned ON - this is the standard setting for all browsers. The site will not work if JavaScript is turned off.
  • Cookies enabled - this is the standard setting for all browsers. If cookies are disabled, you may experience difficulties viewing certain content.
  • Pop-up blocker turned off - some applications, such as the Media Player and Gameday are launched in a separate pop-up window. You may not be able to launch these applications properly if you have Pop-up Blocker turned on.

2. Media Player Requirements

All 2012-13 video products require Flash Player for playback. For best performance, Flash Player 10 is recommended. Videos from prior years will play natively as WMV files.

3. Download Center

The following recommended browser and plug-in downloads are available at no cost.

  PC Mac
Windows Media Player Download Download
Flash Player Download Download
FireFox Download Download
Internet Explorer 6 Download N/A
AOL 9 Download N/A