French Figure Skating

The Federation Francaise des Sports de Glace oversees figure skating in France. The organization is a member of the International Skating Union (ISU) and governs a number of other sports. The role of the Federation Francaise des Sports de Glace, in part, is to encourage and ensure fair competition among athletes.

Recent News

03/30/2010 After worlds, things are looking up for Joubert

One month after his disaster showing at the Olympics [where he took 16th place overall], Brian Joubert managed an incredible come back to win the bronze medal at the world championships in Turin.

02/18/2010 Can French dance team realize "Impossible Dream"

French dance team relaxed and happy.

02/02/2010 Pechalat, Bourzat emerge as ice dance force

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat have been a pleasant surprise for France this season.

12/11/2009 Four Frenchmen battle for two Olympic spots

Four men will fight for France's two spots in the Olympic Winter Games.

10/02/2009 Delobel gives birth to baby boy

Isabelle Delobel, 2008 world champion with Olivier Schoenfelder, gave birth to a baby boy Thursday evening.

09/14/2009 Figure skating season begins in France

Brian Joubert's new free skate and Isabelle Delobel's baby on the way have been the talk of the French skating world.

05/22/2009 Trust a key factor in French ice dancing

Talent is not everything in ice dancing. Success depends not only on ability but also on trust. That has affected the best teams in France.

04/23/2009 Delobel, Roux announce they have baby on the way

Isabelle Delobel and longtime parter Ludovic Roux say they are expecting a baby due in September.